Time For a Gratitude List


Or as Grandma would put it- “Count your blessings!”

The weather has turned colder and gloomier, matching my personality of late.  I have been neglectful of my “Be the Sunshine” self.  My grooming habits have disintegrated into “who cares?”  Even all the ‘forbidden’ foods I’m stuffing into my face are not helping me feel better.

I know I am depressed & wallowing in self-pity.  I also know that I am smarter than this and I have many things to be grateful for that I should be focusing on.  And I will, grandma, I promise.


I need to rant a bit.

Remember in late February when the coronavirus was declared a Pandemic?

As cases and death tolls piled up all over the US, it reminded me of Stephen King’s The Stand and the plague that wiped out 99.9% of the population.  Anyone who read the book or watched the mini-series on TV thought of that story.  I came upon a tweet by Stephen King that said coronavirus was nothing like that plague – it was not nearly as bad. Someone tweeted him in reply “Dude!  Have you read that book?”  This amuses me greatly every time I think about it.

I hate that there is always a “catchphrase” when there is a catastrophe or shocking event. The one that really irritates me is, “The new normal.”  It’s new for sure, but it is not normal. No one wants it to be either.

Suddenly – all the toilet paper vanished. No one remembers people buying mass quantities. Sanitizer solutions, alcohol, and disinfectant wipes vanished. Frozen meats and dairy items, also vanished.  And if you wanted any bread – you had to make it yourself.  We wondered what would be next.

Everything is coming back to the shelves now. Except for the T.P.  Stores have to ration 1 roll per person, per day.  Rationing?  Like in WWII?  Not only paper for personal hygiene, but the kind you write letters on.  This makes me wonder if the stationary is a TP back up plan.  I wonder about many other things too.  Is diarrhea a symptom, BTW?

For instance, I wonder if the Senate Hart Building ran out of T.P., or if the White House has a surplus of darn near everything under the sun.  All those press conferences in March and we did not hear anything interesting and pertinent – like hoarding or shortages.  The local news was full of these interesting (and often disturbing) things.

The other thing I wonder is are people obeying the “Stay at Home, Save a Life” philosophy?  Maybe most are. I would like to think so, but it’s upsetting when I make my twice-monthly trip to the grocery store and there is traffic in town like normal (not the new normal but the old normal). People out and about without masks, even though our county is providing masks for free to everyone who wants one.

I bet they would wear one if they could see the dreadful spores floating and bouncing about.  Or not.  I have been told, “I’m not sick.” Or “I don’t believe in wearing a mask.”  Do you believe in death?  Because that is what is happening all over the world.  Moron!

Why can’t there be laws against stupid?  Grrrr!  That is a topic for a completely different post for another day when I am feeling grouchy.

Thanks for listening.  I feel much better now!

Stay tuned for my next post: Counting my Blessings.

♥  TTFN  ♥



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