Crazy Women

I am like a box of chocolates. You never know who you’re gonna get.

Why this blog? I love and need to write. I used to put writing on the back-shelf and wistfully wish I had time to write. Now my kids are grown up and have their own adult lives to live. Hubby is happily indulging his own muse in his large “shop” to work in, and I make the time to write something every day. Some days I only write in my journal or make notes for my novel. I may not post every day, because what I write isn’t always good enough to pass my inner critic. Or… it’s just plain crap.

My writing style? I guess you could call it “casual conversation”. I write how I talk. This made my English teachers cringe. Spell check only helps some of the grammatical abuse my writing is capable of. I am working on this and things have improved. See my older posts in the “Archives” if you don’t believe it.

So… if you’re looking for literary genius, look elsewhere. Unless… Stephen King agrees to write a guest post. HEY!  How thrilling would that be? (Pun intended)

If you’re looking for inside information on insanity, diabetes, culture shock, silliness, laughter, or an occasional rant – you are in the right place. So share & follow me, because I’m trying to get around, OK?   😉

Oh yeah, in case you’re into personal details…

  • Native born Californian.
  • Moved to a little mountain town called Arnold in 2012.  I don’t expect you to know where that is, and frankly, I’m not too sure myself. We love it here 🙂
  • I write fiction and non-fiction (for adults and children).  And this blog, you are currently reading. (Thank you, BTW!)
  • I’m married to the love of my life. He has a name, but I usually refer to him as “hubby” when he shows up in a post. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in September.
  • Hubby doesn’t read my blog. He has no clue what I’m putting out here about him for the world to read. He trusts me that much.
  • I have three beautiful granddaughters now, and a handsome grandson. They show up in posts occasionally, because they are wild and crazy like their grandma. It could be the other way around now that I think about it…
  • My favorite author has always been Stephen King ♥ it was love at first paragraph ♥. I read and adore a variety of authors, but I LOVE Stephen. Period.
  • I am a stubborn and fiercely loyal San Francisco 49er Fan. It has been over a decade since I enjoyed being that. I will spare you the gory details here, but if you like football, (how could you not!), type “49er” into the search box and you will find plenty of gory details to amuse you.
  • I am a dog lover, who was dog-less for many years. We adopted a female Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who turned five years old last September. If you are unfamiliar with her breed, Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD), check out this page.
  • I don’t do cats. Period.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for telling me! It’s so nice to “hear” it – makes writing a lot more fun knowing that people are enjoying it 😉

    I like your analogy with the windows into other peoples worlds.

    Write On!!


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