Strong is the New Pretty

I received a gift from my Mary Kay group leader, a notebook with the saying “Strong is the New Pretty” boldly on the softcover.

Who am I to argue with that?   It is a cute purse-sized journal too.  She probably does not know I am an addict.  Stationery, notebooks, binders, journals, daytimers. Wonderfully blank pages I need to fill in.  I have worsened with age, and now I am always looking for the perfect pen to write with, which is not yet available to purchase in a store.  The closest pens I found to fitting comfortably in my hand and help me to write neatly and smoothly, are at my Subaru Service Department.  I used to be able to steal one or two every six months when I had maintenance done on my car.  Alas, the last time I went in, they did not have the pens set out in cups (damn COVID-19!)

I am seriously considering showing up and asking them if I could buy some pens.  I am pretty close to being desperate enough to embarrass myself.  Stay tuned.  My Subaru is going to be due for maintenance soon – who knows what will happen…

However, this post is not about my addictions or preferences.  It is about the statement, “Strong is the New Pretty”  – what exactly is the meaning behind that?  Is it a woman who has inner strength is attractive (a.k.a. “pretty”)?  Does it mean muscular women are more attractive these days?  Is the old pretty no longer valid?

I am surely overthinking this.  But I would like to know where this quote originated from.  I want to know what they were thinking.  I hope one of my dear readers knows something about the new pretty and can clue me (us) in.  Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Football Season 2020

The first disappointment was the canceling of all the Junior Football league games.  You wouldn’t think that little kids playing football would be exciting to watch, would you?  Well, you obviously do not have a grandchild on a team. #15 (above)  happens to be mine.  This kid has played on defense, quarterbacked one season, and is a terrific running back because she is determined and the fastest runner on her team.  That’s right – I said ‘she.’  She loves football and did not care if she was the only girl on the team. She started at the age of six.  Fearless.

But I need to gripe about professional football now.

The second thing was the sudden canceling of the NFL pre-season.  I don’t think the big-wigs understand the purpose and importance of those four games.  Usually, by the end of the preseason, everyone, meaning the refs, players, coaches, cameramen, and fans, are practiced and prepared.  Now we are dealing with this learning curve during the real season.

To fans, it isn’t only the 4 extra games to watch.  We learn about the new guys & the rookies. Who plays what position. Who makes the final cut.  It is not fair to the players at all

The stupid stuff is usually all worked out during pre-season.  The refs get the new (and old) rule changes down, the cameramen actually film the game more than the sideline players and cheerleaders.  Only the commentators stay the same throughout the season- spewing stats that even the most hard-core fans don’t care about.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Not even shutting up during the plays or talking over the officials to be heard.

It is so depressing to see the stands empty.  Cardboard cut-outs are a cute idea, and I love the “celebrities” attending the game.  But what about the stadium noise?  It would be so nice to not have to listen to that racket for a change.  Guess What?  We don’t have to!  Except someone keeps pumping out a canned version of crowd noise.  This is so ridiculous, it’s embarrassing.  To make matters even more annoying, the cheering sounds coincide with the other team doing awesome things.  The home team gets booed.  HEY!  At least get that right!

I vote to remove the phony crowd noise altogether – its noise pollution no one wants.

Who’s with me on this?