13 Miles in 13 Days

Jodi & Ziva

The Diary of Our Adventures Doing the MK5K

October 12 – Even though this week was crazy for me and the return of the sinus infection & antibiotics, and a couple other set backs I won’t bore you with, Team Ziva finished the race! This was only possible through our teammate, Jackie Sullivan! Her gung-ho attitude and logging of miles kept this team alive and we finished a day early with 17.1 miles.

A special shout out to our donating sponsors’ – having your support helped our attitude and inspired us to keep going.

October 10 – – I’m so happy I signed Ziva up for this event! She and my friend Jackie have been doing the miles this week for me while I take antibiotics and blow my nose and cough. I hate allergies!

October 4 – Double Trouble – The plan is to get up early and walk Ziva a mile before I have to get to my quilt guild meeting…

October 3 – Day off

October 1 & 2 – Race Begins! – Ziva and I only made 1/2 of our mile, due to circumstances beyond my control. I made it up on Oct. 2nd by walking 1 hour and a half with my friend Jackie on a local grade school’s track. The morning was colder than it has been, but we warmed up pretty quickly once we got started. Walking on the little 4-lane track made me think of all the 12-lane tracks I ran in High School!

Jackie and I had a lovely audience there. A dozen (maybe twenty?) geese were milling about the track and gathering together in the grassy middle. They pretended not to watch us.

September 18, 2021 – Sinus infection has gotten me down the past few days. Ziva and I walked a couple of short walks, but not long enough to mention.  Hubby will take her today for me as well so I can rest more and get some things done around the house.  So far this journey has not been exciting, but it is sure to get more lively the closer it gets to October!

September 15, 2021 – Ziva walked with my hubby this morning. Every muscle ached and breathing was uncomfortable. Tomorrow is another day. I hope it’s a better one.

September 14, 2021 – Team Ziva definitely needs more members to help share the load. My asthma meds I’m supposed to pick up tomorrow should help a bunch. I am winded so quickly. We managed 0.8 miles on the Sultana Route. Ziva kept wanting to veer off into the weeds and bushes, causing me to put on the brakes and pull her back onto the road. She wears me out and we came home after less than a mile.

September 12, 2021 – Team Ziva did a mile this morning! At the very end of Dalmatia, my pedometer clocked us at 0.5 miles, so when we got home it read “1.0” – Yeah!  Now we have Ziva’s favorite route mapped out.  I want to route out a less steep one, staying on Sultana Road.  Our street is fairly flat compared to most, but there is the occasional up and down hills, that make things interesting.

September 9, 2021 – Training Day Three

Began walk at 8:30 this time and I let Ziva drag me up the hill called Dalmatia. She was trotting along quickly and sniffing every spot on the road. The large spots are bear pee and she is super interested in those.

Fun Fact: Bears poo in the woods, but like to pee in the middle of the road.

We worked really hard walking on Dalmatia and yet, we logged in 0.6 miles again. I could not believe it.

September 8, 2021 – Training Day Two

Ziva and I headed out late this morning, about 9:30. We stayed on Sultana Road because it was mostly shady and the day was getting very warm. I did not sleep well and I woke up very sore and stiff – I overdid it with housework yesterday.

I was a little worried that Ziva would take off like a hound dog chasing a scent. But she let me set the pace, so we did not have to cut the walk short. I promised her I would get up early so we can take her favorite route on Dalmatia while it was shady. It’s a killer route that begins with a steep hill and goes up more gradually from there.

Although getting up in temperature, today’s walk was so fun. Can she keep a slower pace up Dalmatia? We shall see.

Taking a break on the porch. Ziva not in the mood for a photo op.

September 5, 2021 – Training Day One

A slow start due to the air quality. Jodi had to stay home and work on organization. Ziva got to walk with Bruce, so she got out and about and is a happy camper. However, this does not train her walking with Jodi. Bruce and I have different strides and speeds. Ziva needs to slow way down for me, but when she gets excited she loses focus and neither of us have any fun.

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