Things That Multiple Personalities Should NOT Do…

ME (et al.)

If you have followed along for a while, you may have  “met” most of the above personalities. They ALL have something to say.

Things I should not do:

  • Get a Tattoo. Who would get to decide which one? We would be mortified by any image that suited another.
  • Go to Las Vegas. Not to mention any names, but one of us is a bit sleazy, one of us is a slot junkie, and who knows what kind of trouble the Goth one would cause.
  • Get Married. My poor husband! Every evening when he leaves work, he has no clue who he is coming home to.  Sometimes he enjoyed the surprise.
  • Work with Alzheimer’s patients. Those poor souls have enough confusion in their lives. They certainly don’t need us.
  • Go anywhere without a GPS: Not a single one of us has any sense of direction.  I mean none… whatsoever.
  • Have the combination to the gun safe: The Government could learn from hubby and the kids about keeping top-secret information from getting into the wrong hands.
When I worked, I had a mood warning system on my office door.  Most co-workers thought I was trying to be funny, but my immediate group paid attention.

Gotta go now. It’s way past my bedtime


Hey! Who are you calling “a bit sleazy” you sanctimonious witch!

I Want a Do-Over

Today was a day that caused me to growl – a lot. Everything I touched turned fubar. From my computer down to my sewing machine gave me trouble. The pork loin in my crockpot overcooked and dried out. It sucked all the BBQ sauce up and made dry pulled pork sandwiches. The cole-slaw was too crunchy. I planned on this meal for a few nights of leftovers. Sigh.

The one thing I sewed – I am now ripping out. I remember why I stopped working on this project months ago. A major pain to maneuver and work on. I will try again this morning to get it right. If not, back into the closet it goes. I have plenty of projects I need to finish that I can work on if I so decide to. I have a large quilt that I need to quilt that I forget about. I come across it every five years or so. One of these days, I will suck up the courage and give it a go. Maybe tonight after my “chores” are done. Hubby is working late, so I can put on a ridiculous movie on TV and try it without any witnesses. Except for Ziva – she never rats me out!

Whiny and Pouty

Why am I whiny and writing this sucky post? Because I am procrastinating about what I should be doing now. There it is. I admit it. I want to “pitch” my novel and get an agent or publishing house to fall in love with it. I must submit my audition by mid-September for a chance to be on the pilot of a new reality show – America’s Next Great Author. That’s all. What’s so hard about that?

Getting started on the pitch – that’s the hard part. I have only written 7 drafts of this story, so I should know all the ins and outs, characters, and dilemmas. What I don’t know how to do is write the pitch. I have read and watched videos about how to, what not to do, and the best way to write one. Helpful, but for some unknown reason, I cannot use this great advice with my story.

To Be Continued…