The End of the Road

Because the weather turned nasty (winds from the North and freezing temps), the cousins decided to explore the island. From the car. We are silly, not crazy.

We decided to go North first. Probably because the Northside of the island, had nothing marked on the map. We knew there was something, and we wanted to know what. There were sand dunes, not like I have seen before. They were HUGE. It seemed that thousands of trucks dumped sand by the road and left to get more. They were right up to the road. The further North that we went, the more we could see the ocean over the dunes. The island was getting more narrow up here.

We passed where the birding and nature center was. After that was a Convention Center. What!?! We saw nothing there but sand and a sign that said “Convention Center”. We would have explored that, but alas, there was tall wire fencing all around it.

There were dunes to the left of us and dunes to the right – for miles. Then, we came to a sign that said, “Road Ends – 1000 Feet”. Of course, we had to go at least 1,000 feet more.

This is The End of the Road

If it had been a nice, calm, and warm day, we would have parked and walked around the roadblock and stood taking selfies from the other side. That day, there was no way we wanted to get out of the car and get sandblasted. [You can see the sand blowing over the road.]

Now it was time to flip a U and drive to the other side of the island. It was Deja vu until we passed our hotel and went all the way to the end of the South. No photo, but the end of the road South was an RV park. Yawn.

We tried a restaurant called “Parrot Eyes”. We had the yummiest fish & fries lunch. It was a local fish called “Black Drum” it tasted like cod, only lighter. They were not batter-fried but had a cornmeal coating that was good tasting and less fattening. Not that we were counting calories, fats, or carbs. When you’re on vacation, nothing counts, right?

We stayed in for supper and had sandwiches and leftovers and watched silly movies on the TV. When we turned it on a movie was playing that was so bizarre, disjointed, and funny. We had no idea what it was called. It turned out to be ‘Horrible Bosses 2’. Not recommended by us. The second feature was ‘What a Man Wants’. Yep, it was like ‘What Women Want’, except for a chick hits her head and suddenly can hear men’s thoughts. Amusing and predictable. We rounded off the night with a South Park episode and crashed.

This wild and crazy adventure has been exhausting.

to be continued…

And Here’s Your Sign!

Sorry, Bill Engvall, for borrowing your line. It’s just that it is so fitting for this post. Anytime you want to use a line(s) of mine, please feel free to.

In December of 2021, this statue was installed in front of the United Nations HQ in New York.

They said this statue was to depict a ‘guardian of peace and security’, and it was NOT an “End of Times”, message.

A few weeks later, the statue was dismantled and removed from UN property. “It was only supposed to be temporary anyway,” a UN spokesman told the press.

I am not going to inflict my opinion on y’all. I just had to share this picture and leave you with this scripture. You will have to make up your own mind.

1 Thessalonians, 5:1-3


Farewell 2021

December 31st, 2021. There were several good restaurant options along the main strip. We made mental notes when we passed them on the way to and from shopping.

After beaching and cleaning up we looked up restaurants in the local phone book. Doubting we could get a reservation at any of the ones we wanted to try, we called and found out that Blackbeard’s Seafood Restaurant did not take reservations, so we headed out down the strip. We were happy to get seated right away, both of us dreading a long wait. The service was really great and the food was fabulous. I had the Caesar Salad with charbroiled shrimp and an order of french fries. I could only eat half, so I finished it for lunch the next day.

We waited for midnite watching movies in our pajamas and tucked into bed. Not a glamorous way to greet the new year, but cozy and warm. And together. We were not expecting to see the fireworks planned for further down the island, closer to the bridge to the mainland. It must have been the force of the wind, but we had a front-row seat on our balcony. Maggie got some photos and shared them.

Some of them (like the one in the middle), hung and exploded out more stars. There must have been two dozen of them, if not more.

They were set off an hour before midnite. At midnite the balconies were full of hotel guests yelling “Happy New Year!” and other assorted greetings.

We began 2022 by snoring and we are not ashamed about it, either.

To be continued…