Giggles & Bits

I had to share some “giggles” with y’all today.




Don’t you miss this guy?



Have a Wonderful Day!!!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Unreal Produce

Today at the grocery store, I happened to see this sign in the produce section. I googled this hideous thing, and it is really a legitimate fruit.

The text below was taken from an article about them.

“Maybe “butt-ugly” is a little harsh, but you have to admit this citrus is just that.

“A bad Sumo is equal to what a good navel orange tastes like,” says Seth Wollenman, the brand manager for this new fruit.

In other words, the Sumo’s worst day is the navel orange’s best day.

Maybe I will buy one or two next time I can pass the sign without giggling.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Thursday’s Giggles & Bits

Another Thursday is flying by quickly and I am mad at myself for forgetting what I was going to crack y’all up with this week.


In my defense, it has been a stressful week and today I spent all day in a Cardiology clinic hooked up to machines, running on a treadmill, taking a 15 minute nap – twice, inside a donut. Did I mention I was also hooked up to an IV and given radio-nuclides so they could watch how my heart worked?

I really hope my heart passed the test. I do not know the results, even though I peeked. What was on the films didn’t even look like a heart, in  fact, it resembled a toy my dog got for Christmas. 

Hmmm… Maybe that merits a giggle, heh?