Spring Cleaning – The Reality

I was very proud of myself for starting and I got all the upper cabinets clean and shiny. It took 2 hours and I was tired from getting up and down the step-stool, so I planned to start the lower cupboards the next day.

You may have noticed that it is a week later, since I began my plan. The lower kitchen cabinets remain neglected as I write this. Why this sudden halt? A combination of things happened. The first one was my lack of sleep and feeling fatigued. The second was the fact that spring was over – a winter storm warning loomed up and things got chilly and rainy. I don’t know about anyone else, but when gloomy cold weather is going on the spring feeling leaves me. I expect it to return when later this week things warm up again.

Next week I will have to do something labor intensive to keep me sane while I wait for Memorial weekend to come, so spring cleaning will be that thing. I hope.

You never know what’s going to happen…


Spring Cleaning – The Theory

I am excited this year to get into the Spring Cleaning! Why? Because when I am 3-weeks from my 2nd vaccine, I will have family visit. I don’t know about you, but after no guests for over a year, my guest rooms do not have any room for anything else, especially guests.

The left one is a sewing and craft storage room, that must be organized to make more sense to me – that one will take a a lot of time.

The Room on the Left

The room on the right is completely covered with empty boxes. I save the good sturdy boxes in case I need to send packages. Okay, so I have hoarder tendencies. Another thing to blame on the ‘lobotomy.’

The Room on the Right

I will spend this afternoon preparing for the domestic chores that need doing and plan one thing to spring clean. The “one thing” is not a complete room or big job like cleaning the carpet. An in-depth cleaning of a room means, ceiling to floor, so that room gets broken up into a whole week, with something done each day. I know this is the most efficient way to do it. I have yet to actually do this, but I know it makes the most sense.

Seriously. I am going to do my best to keep this plan, unlike last spring (I did nothing when the COVID lockdown happened), and the year before, I attempted to do the kitchen in one day and after that fiasco, I never resumed spring cleaning the other rooms. To me, Spring Cleaning is the cleaning that is not done on a normal basis. When I was a young, single mom, I could take apart my kitchen, scrub, and put it back together – on my own time. I did not have to use the kitchen if I did not want to. My apartment was in a large town, so I had plenty of options for take-out. No complaints from my daughter either. What four year old doesn’t like junk food?

But I digress. The Kitchen is the room with the most need. Bruce did his part by vacuuming on top of the cabinets, (a.k.a. knocking the dust bunnies up there down to where I can reach them.) It will take me all day to wash the solid oak cupboards and drawer faces with warm Murphy’s Oil Soap & water – to get the dust build up off there and nourish the wood. I (and they also) will feel so much better.

I will let you know if I have success implementing my theory…


I Think I’m Going to Make it

It was touch and go the last couple of weeks, but I was determined to put makeup on and model my new hat.  Mary Kay cosmetics can do wonders, but not miracles.  I still look puffy and bruised.  I still have black eyes.  All caused by the massive wound on my head and the reconstructive surgery afterward. four weeks later and I still have a throbbing headache, raw nerve endings, and tweaks of pain.

“That is all normal during the recovery process,” they tell me. ” You will be feeling all kinds of weird things while you heal.” No kidding. And these “weird things” HURT LIKE A MOTHER. There is a major drug problem in this state (California). Doctors no longer prescribe pain medications that work. Extra Strength Tylenol is all the surgeon would give me. Apparently, doctors are being regulated so much about pain meds that the paperwork, liability, and legal bologna are just not worth it. To them.

I plan to write a letter to our district Congressman, Tom McClintock, and tell him that all these anti-drug regulations are preventing medical patients from getting effective treatment.  I will be sure to mention that this is forcing little old ladies to search out dealers on the street.  How is that helping the war on drugs?

Oh dear, I have digressed a bunch! I was talking about being depressed and wanting out of it, right? Sheesh. A very dark day for me – until I counted my blessings.  That took the better part of the day to get to 3,500,000 and 2. When I was finished, guess what? I felt so much better. It always works. Gratitude. That and a loving God who sends an angel to ‘kick my butt’ so to speak, and remind me to focus on what I have, instead of what I don’t or can’t have.

Today I think I will do some Spring cleaning.  I get my iPod playing and lose myself in the work.  I always end up singing along.  It calms my dog.  And my plants like it (so I’ve been told).  If Hubby is out in his shop, I really let loose.  It is so freeing.

♥  TTFN  ♥