Catching On

We sprang forward last nite (2 am today to be exact), giving back that hour we gained when we fell back in November. It is so easy to change the clocks around the house. My internal clock takes longer. For at least two weeks I translate the time in my head, you know, it’s 7:30, but it really is only 6:30 my brain says.

My brain also has trouble with the fact that tomorrow is the first day of spring. 6 feet of snow is not even trying to melt in my yard because the average temp is 36 degrees. I’m too bundled up in sweaters, and leggings under my jeans to even consider spring cleaning. Well, the house is filthy, so I consider it, but will not begin until I can do it in one layer of clothing.

A friend sent me this photo. She and I both know that this image captures a large part of me. Maybe this is my “inner child”. Yes. I arrange things “just so”, trying to be perfect, and always forgetting one thing. Or more.

Someone needs to tell the weather it is time to warm up.

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The Snowplow Stops Here

Icy flakes have been floating steadily and piling up for two days. I can stare out a window in every room of my house and watch the heavens sift powdered sugar to the earth. It’s gorgeous and hypnotizing. I don’t get many chores done when it is snowing.

Mountain House

The winds are picking up and swirling white flakes around. This morning, the measurements were made in inches, but this afternoon they switched over to feet. There is no stopping in sight. The low temperature is predicted to be 23 degrees F. The High is 30 degrees F.

The family room is finally warming up. The fire has been stoked up and blazing for hours I will stay in my snow outfit (thick leggings, turtle neck, with tee-shirt, all under my large SF 49ers sweatshirt,) because it just got warm where the fire is, all the other rooms are icy. I fear that someday, my butt will stick to the toilet seat because it freezes.

Hah! But seriously, can that really happen? Like the tongue on the metal pole? If it can, it will happen to me. Just wait. If not that particular thing, something else is bound to.

I don’t believe in luck – good or bad. The strange things that happen are only that – strange. The cake thing was heartbreaking because I wanted it perfect looking for a celebration. From pouring the batter into the pans to trying to cover the mess with frosting, it was one stupid thing after another. Bottom line: I will have to use a different image in the cookbook I’m writing.

The kitchen is not the only place strange things happen. Or anywhere in the house for that matter. I am the common denominator in every strange thing that occurs.

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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming…

After 11 days, hubby is out of the hospital. However, his IV-delivered medicine has to keep happening every morning. The first day home a nurse came to show us how to prep the lines and flush them, then do a bunch of stuff like mixing the meds into the bag, prep the tubing, hooking that up into the bag, and hanging the bag. The meds take 30 minutes to get into hubby’s bloodstream. Once those are done, everything is unplugged and taken down and the leads get flushed out and capped. Until the next time.

  And yes, it is as complicated as it sounds. Each step is easy on its own. When you must do all 40 of these steps in the correct order, in a timely manner, with the patient and his sister watching every move you make, it is overwhelming. Did I mention that the IV tubes on the outside of his arm, that I work with, do not feed the veins in his arm like the typical IV does? The tubes were surgically planted into his heart to deliver this crucial medication. I rather not know that detail, but it’s too late now.

Three days after his discharge I am still filling out paperwork for the home care and the infectious diseases doctor. Each medical entity has its own form, so I got one to fill out at urgent care, one in the ER,  one in ICU, and one for the physician. One for the Home Care people, the Home Care pharmacist, the visiting nurse, and now for the new specialist we see two days from now. 

Has no one in this town ever heard of a xerox machine?

My daughter asked me how I was doing, and it was right then I realized I was depressed. A typical reaction for me, once the emergency or danger passed, is to fall apart. I allow all the fear, panic, and emotions to finally hit me.

This grumpy curly haired child expresses herself exactly how I feel. Society frowns on grown women pouting in public. Only cute kids can get away with it, so Miss grumpy locks here is my Avatar.