Best Laid Plans

I designed a quilt for a baby boy who lives in Canada.  I found the perfect plaid flannel, matching border fabric, and plush “Minky” fabric for the back.  I was thinking that I was so clever and all that.

I was so excited to put it together – until I started to.  I had no idea how heavy this little blankie would turn out being.  Yes, I knew the materials being used, and all of them are lightweight.  It occurred to me that I was NOT all that.  After all.

The quilt is very small but so heavy that all the “holding out of the way” is exhausting me.  I cannot wait to ship it off to Canada where it belongs.  I am sick of looking at its lumberjack cuteness.  And I am really annoyed with how at each step,  I am slowed down by either a design flaw or my machine seizes up because something is not balanced, the tension is messed up, or because it wants to.

Tomorrow, I will tackle the final finishing step – hand sewing the binding on the edges.  I know quite a few quilters that hate doing the binding.  I LOVE doing it because it means the %@*&^!  thing is finished. 

Well…  Today is the tomorrow I spoke of last night.  And I have spent hours on the first section of the binding.  I made the binding like I always do, and that is why I have the problem I am having now.   I should have considered how thick the quilt was!  Regardless, it is too late now.  I resign myself to many hours of making tiny stitches that are not going to be invisible as they should be.

OK. so the binding is rolled up and hard.  A perfect teething ring!

After all the customs declaration paperwork is completed, signed and the little package goes off to the North  – I realize that I forgot to take a picture for my custom quilts file.

Oh, bother!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Under the Weather?

That’s what you call the little cedar tree growing underneath my little weather station.  The moment I took its picture, the breeze had died down and the weather was perfect – around 80 degrees, no humidity.  The Weather Channel concurs and predicts the weekend will be more of the same.

Last week I discovered another reason for my tree to be under the weather – my dog has been eating it.  No one saw her do this, but the truth came out (literally) all over our porch carpet when dog threw up and in the slimy goo were chunks of cedar branches.

It was an extremely gross and daunting clean-up effort – thank you, dear!

Well, it’s late and I’ must get to bed!  I have not gotten enough ZZzz’s lately and I look like, Uhm like I have not slept..

♥  TTFN  ♥


Day One: A Year’s Journey Begins

I put my camera case next to my purse to remind me to take it wherever I go. Which is rare. Going places I mean. Doctor appointments and grocery stops and post office stops are the only outings this girl has had. It’s maddening and depressing. I’m eating too much of the crappy-food group


♥  TTFN  ♥