The Annoying Truth

Day 1: Cataract surgery – Right Eye.  Everyone told me it would be a “piece of cake”.  They were correct. When I thought they were rolling me into the surgery, I was actually being rolled out.  I missed the entire thing!  This was a blessing.  I was so nervous about having to watch them cutting into my eyeball.

Day 2: I was able to take off the bandage today and put drops in my eye.  The eye (the right one) was blurry and full of goop. I could not open it all the way. I was expecting to see a miraculous difference – not a worsening of vision.  But I was forewarned that it may take days to see normally.

Day 3: My right eye was still blurry and I could not see a dramatic difference in my sight.  This worried me.  My left eye had the worse vision, so maybe after that surgery, I would be able to focus well.

Day 4: In the morning, I removed the eyepatch and put my AM drops into my eye. I could not believe my face in the mirror. Yes, I had a black eye of course.  It was my skin that freaked me out.  The creases in my forehead were deeper and more predominate.  I was pale and pasty looking with a dry and cracking aura about me. A few days without moisturizer and foundation takes its toll.

Day 5:  The past three days I had a headache.  I decided that a hot shower would help.  It would have helped more if I was not distracted by the filthy grime sticking to the tile grout.  Then there was the tile on the walls – their grout was a pinkish color in spots.  Mildew was growing all around me.

Day 6:  I figured out something.  There is nothing wrong with my right eye.  Every day, I look older & my house is dirtier.

With all the warnings and cautions, my Doc neglected to tell me about those side effects.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Speaking about football…

Super Bowl Sunday this weekend.

Pardon me for not being excited. Oh, I will watch the game, of course, cheering on the Rams (and #33, Justin Davis, who does not know me but I worked with his Dad, Eric…), hoping to end old What’s his Name’s streak of terror. I certainly hope the commercials are better than last year. Do you remember any of last year’s? Exactly.

It’s been a long dry-spell, being a 49er Faithful. They will come back strong, I honestly believe. Despite their management.  Until then, I watch the games and cheer them on, like a good fan.


There are many things to rant and complain about the NFL that has nothing to do with the 49ers.  PLEASE find commentators that talk about the game being played at the time. As for network camera men & women – stop showing so many close-ups of the stands and the sidelines, and film the game. Remember the game being played on the field? Film THAT!  We do not want to hear about whatever it is that you must squeeze in before commercial break. Stop paying these guys per word – tell them to slow down. They do not have to say every silly fact and stat coming over the teleprompters.

Don’t interrupt players and coaches with inane questions on their way to the locker room. These people are in no mood to chit-chat, their heads are in the Game. Period.

Oh – don’t even mention the referee’s to me now – they are a whole rant unto themselves.


I really enjoy going to The Nevada Union Junior Miners games, when I am in Grass Valley.  The 8 and under’s are my favorite team. It is so rewarding to cheer for a team that is kicking butt. I also find them adorably cute, but I would never say so in front of them.

These 6-8 year old’s are serious about football. They are pushed to the limit at the first practice of the year (I’m talking crying and begging here…) because the coaches are serious too.

Oh, and the lady announcer is awesome. She knows what she is talking about, football wise, AND the kids names.  There are NO commentators chattering in the booth, making ridiculous statements about things they do not understand. Or other games they have seen with other players playing in them. Sometimes having a low-budget can be a good thing.

No matter where you sit in the Stadium your ticket costs you five bucks. You read right – $5 front row on the 50-yard line. Parking is free and there is plenty of it. No salary caps needed – no salaries.

Did I mention they have a snack bar? Good fresh coffee & all the gross junk foods you can think of. And some you wouldn’t even!


♥  TTFN  ♥

Teeth Keep Falling From My Head

Sung to the tune of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

I can’t get that tune out of my head now. Warning – this post is a RANT. You can decide to read or not, but there will be ranting going on today with or without you.  I hope it is with you because it is WAY more satisfying to RANT to someone or two.  It’s that “Misery Loves Company” deal.

If you have been coming to my Place for any length of time, you know about my defective teeth, so I apologize for another tale of woe. I only have like 5 natural teeth left in my head. The rest are crowns, implants and some are just plain gone.

Last week I had a consult with the doc who does implants. At the beginning of this year I had the last molar on my upper right jaw break – sheared off at the gumline to be exact. There was not enough to save, so I had pre-implant surgery to remove the tooth and get a bone graft done so I could get an implant there. Here we go again…

Well, after a full 3D image of my head, doc’s suspicions were correct. There is not enough bone to support an implant there. And I really needed a molar there to keep my chewing and teeth in alignment.

Now I need two surgeries – one to lift the sinus membrane out-of-the-way, and do a second bone graft. Then, 4 months after that heals, another surgery to implant the hardware for the replacement molar.

NOT happy news. This made me grumpy. I was sad about needing one surgery, now double the painful process as well as the cost. I was being betrayed by my own jaw.

Then today’s event happened. The event my nightmares are made of. My teeth break, need root-canals, crowns pop off  – this is normal life for me, so I deal.  Get grumpy, feel sorry for myself. Pout.

Today, however, I realized that my rotten teeth being replaced with implants and the crowns that pop off, are molars. No one notices a missing tooth back there, so even though you are miserable with pain and rapidly going broke, I at least had my dignity.

Not anymore. During lunch I suddenly felt a rolling tooth in my mouth, not a strange occurrence for me – indicating a popped off crown. Sure enough, the same one that popped off last week and got re-cemented back in.  I must talk with my dentist about the quality of glue he’s using…

Except this time, the crown kept the tooth inside of it. Another break off at the gumline – but NOT a molar. Oh no!, I screamed. It took me seven minutes before I had the guts enough to look in the mirror. I did not smile. I opened my mouth slightly.

It was not as bad as I feared.  It was worse.  A large hole, large gaping hole, where my left incisor used to be surrounded by swollen gums that were receding away from bone.  I closed my mouth and just stared at my face. Bad idea. That is when I discovered that the left side of my upper lip looked bruised and sucked in. Like a person without upper teeth. You know, hillbillies, hockey players, and seven-year olds.

Seven-year olds really don’t count – they look cute with missing front teeth.

Thank You for listening…