Mood Swings

What does the term “Mood Swing” mean to you? Does your mind automatically jump to good moods or bad moods? Grumpy kids? People freaking out? Please let us know in the comments!

How Do You Feel Today?

Do you remember these? Do any of the moods fit you now?

I believe I have experienced All of the Above today.

Go figure.


Look Out! It’s the Weekend…

It is Friday, before the 4th of July weekend, so our little mountain town is getting invaded. The traffic to town began to get heavier yesterday evening and today the roads are crowded and people are getting impatient to get their groceries and unpack their stuff so they can relax.

When you are a full-time resident, you are not up here looking for excitement. And you certainly do not expect any. So, imagine our surprise when we got a call from our son as he was leaving town, telling us we should go down the hill to the market and see the Subaru sedan that drove into it. What!?! We did not want to miss this, which we would have if we did not receive a heads up.

Excitement at the “Drive-in” Market

It is pitiful that this is the most excitement we have had this summer. I do not know the story behind the crash. I do know that this is the first vehicle I ever saw that ran into a building in real life. I see this a lot in the movies and on TV.

Was I a little bit embarrassed about how eager I was to get a good photo so I could post it here? Not as much as I should be. I dashed out to the truck without combing my hair or putting my bra back on. I did not even look in a mirror.

My readers, y’all who are reading this, are worth the occasional faux pas, and embarrassment that come with my provocative reporting. National Enquirer, here I come!


Reality is Not Always Real

While researching popular Reality Shows, to see which one was considered the best, I came across a list of ALL the USA reality shows out there – past & present. The quantity startled me (600+) and, well, if the titles were any indication of the show’s quality, times were getting horribly desperate out there in Hollywood.

The first ‘reality show’ I ever watched was Candid Camera. Back then (in 1948) the term ‘reality show’ did not exist. I loved that show! It was so funny and the pranks were clever. I still miss that show, and I hope that one day a wise and creative producer will be inspired to do another show.

Survivor came out in 2000 and remains to this day. After the first season and the beginning of the second, I voted myself off the island. The physically challenging competitions were OK and the tribal ceremony was corny but fun to watch. What disappointed me was all the “drama” going on – it seemed scripted and fake to me. The other thing that got on my nerves was the fact they kept passing the show off as real.

Most Reality Shows are about as real life as WWF wrestling. They are game shows with no questions, just stunts and competition. They have more ‘drama’ than my soaps did.

These people are not abandoned on a deserted island, or in the wilderness, left to survive on their own . They are on a taped TV show. There is a film crew that I assure you does not sleep in homemade huts and eat bugs. There are medical staff at the ready (probably for insurance purposes.) And even if the camera crew and medical staff have to rough it a little, I’m pretty sure that Jeff Probst is living at the nearest 5 star hotel and commuting to the wilderness set.

Think about it.

To download the list as a PDF file Click Here