Hoppin’ Mad!

First, I am going to apologize for this snarky, sarcastic post. It’s because I am angry. I can’t keep my mouth shut when I am this angry. My grandma in West Virginia never cussed, but we would try to sneak out of the house when she said she was ‘hoppin’ mad!’. If she did not call us by name, it was not us she was mad at. Eventually, you could piece together the story if you listened close to the kitchen when grandma would rant and rave it out of her system. Once she calmed down, she would quietly say, “Lord have mercy!” and carry on like nothing had happened.

I am hoppin’ mad at Reid McCarter. He is the %&*@# who wrote the news article about Spiderman’s demise yesterday. Big accident in the Disneyland Marvel Studio. And a video clip showing what happened. My previous post told all about it. The entire article and video were posted on my blog because I had a knee-jerk reaction to what he wrote.

After getting a negative comment from my sister, I wondered if this whole story was a hoax. Snopes.com did not seem to know anything about it, so it probably wasn’t. I researched Spidey and found articles about his crashing into walls & buildings a lot of times.


Reid McCarter, a.k.a., The Jerk, intentionally slanted and manipulated facts to misrepresent the entire event. He lied to us! Reporters are supposed to report the facts. Unfortunately, he left out the most crucial fact. He did not tell us (or even allude to) that Spiderman was animatronic. Other articles I read reported this fact upfront. Not this guy. He wanted us to believe that Spidey was a real man and that something horrible had happened to him.

Shame on you. I hope you get a lot of @#$%&*! about it.

Astonishing News Article

I found this article on the Yahoo Home page… I still feel sick to my stomach. Why am I sharing this? I’m not sure. Maybe to protest against the attitude of the media, or how much this is NOT Okay.


Spider-Man crashes during a show at Disneyland’s Avengers Campus

By Reid McCarter Wed, June 15, 2022, 10:30 AM

In a moment that must be watched repeatedly if we are ever to truly understand its gravity, we hear Spider-Man announce “Here goes something!” before he goes swinging into view above Disneyland’s Avengers Campus. Spider-Man’s limbs lock up at the top of his arc through the sky, rendering him unable to safely descend. Heroic music swells in the background as he yells out “Airbags, please!” in vain. A moment later the web crawler smashes back-first into the side of a building, crashing against a wall and disappearing from sight.

The crowd gasps, and then a robotic voice announces that the facility Spider-Man has just rocketed into “is not equipped with airbags,” and we hear the simple, pitiful last words of the hero as his life ebbs away. “Okay,” Spider-Man replies.


An Instagram user named Darren L. captured the footage at Disneyland California, writing that “the show briefly stopped for a couple of hours but was back up and running later!” This, unfortunately, shows that, for The House Of Mouse, the horrific takedown of even a marquee superhero is simply just business for them—something to be moved on from immediately.

The show must go on. The people must be entertained. A new Spider-Person must immediately step into the still-warm, bloodstained suit of their predecessor and swing around a theme park.

The only redeeming quality of this video is the fact that it is short, unlike the above article which gets more horrifying as you read.


TTFN – Please comment on how this article made you feel. I can’t be the only one sickened by this!

Is It Just Me?

Or does everyone over 50 years of age experience this scatteredness? Forget about multitasking. I am lucky to complete a task. Oh, I start a job, then move on to another. The other one distracts me and makes me remember the first one. On my way back to the first one, I came across a task that must be done. Right now.

Some days I never get back to task #1. I did many things, made progress, cleaned stuff, and organized. Unfortunately, task #1 was the only thing listed on my to-do list. An entire day’s work and I can’t cross off anything. Only I, and now you, know that I did all that work. Hubby doesn’t know because it’s the kind of work that doesn’t “show.” You know what I’m talking about, right? The spring cleaning sort of things. Dusting the top of the fridge. The inside doors. Window sills. Cleaning the electrical outlet covers. <– Be VERY careful if it occurs to you to do this type of OCD task.

Scatteredness does not apply only to housework. My hobbies and fun things suffer because I am working on many things and things of different kinds. Our family room and my office are full of these things I am doing. THEN, I started a whole new thing last month, which I figured could be the final straw for hubby. Not so. In fact, he offered to build me a table that I designed for the deck to grow my herbs & flowers on. He is the best!

You may have noticed that scatteredness has affected my writing as well. I have resorted to using spreadsheets to keep characters, personalities & facts together. Because I discovered I had edited butchered the story severely, and I needed to start over. In fact, I plan to start at the end and outline my way to the beginning. Those of you who are writers may want to follow this process. Suggestions will be welcomed, considering this is a new technique for me. When I outline the start to the end, I have a lot of trouble. Mostly I get stuck because I have not figured out the ending yet.

May 19, 2019

Oh hey! Get this – it is snowing big heavy flakes right now. So, the dogwoods don’t know what’s happening any more than anyone else. I knew it!

The latest weather update is that we will get snow until morning. We will find out tomorrow. Either way, I plan to be sleeping.