These can be joyful, nostalgic, sad, and heartwrenching. But you already knew that.

Last month’s milestone hit all four categories for me – my first granddaughter graduated High School. I keep having flashbacks to her (and mine) much younger days. Some of you, longtime readers, have witnessed her growing up through this blog.

She became 18 this summer (an adult!) This fall, she began her college journey. I’m so proud of her, and I always have been. Even as a toddler, she was smart, not just the ABCs or numbers, but smart in general. Like she could reason things out. A natural leader, she practically ran the preschool she attended. Her schoolmates followed her lead. I think back on it and wonder if they even had a choice. The girl is a powerful, strong-willed force when she puts her mind to it. Her sweet face somehow disarmed her in people’s minds, and they did not realize they were being bossed around.

My daughter would remind me – “don’t let her boss you around!” She forgets that I raised a strong-willed daughter myself. She would be surprised to learn that I admired her strong will and assertiveness. Her teenage years wore me out because I am a natural pacifist. A follower, not a leader. Timid and not assertive. Yet, I had to stand up to her and stick to my guns because I am a mom. Moms don’t give up.

I used to think that a mom’s reward (revenge?) was when you watched your child deal with their own kids that were just like them. Although that is kind of fun, the reward is so much better than that. It’s the grandchildren. You don’t even realize this until you have one, and that is probably because no one has the words to explain the overwhelming joy and love that takes over your heart. The shock of how intense the emotions are is confusing – you did not feel this way when your own child was born. And why not? Should you feel guilty about this?

At first, I felt guilty about the lack of such intense love for my child. I struggled with this until it occurred to me that what made it different was the fear. It was not there with the grandchild.

I was not her parent. The “business end” of being a mom is not my job. You know – the business of doctor & dentist appointments, parent-teacher conferences, field trips, permission slips, and absence notes. And that is only the school stuff.

This sweet baby in my arms has good parents to take care of all that and then some. Baby and grandma have a lot of cuddling and giggling to do. Snuggling up in the big chair by the wood stove, watching Backyardigans. Maybe Free Willy or Three Ninjas, for the upteenth millionth time.

The next thing you know – they are starting college.

I Want a Do-Over

Today was a day that caused me to growl – a lot. Everything I touched turned fubar. From my computer down to my sewing machine gave me trouble. The pork loin in my crockpot overcooked and dried out. It sucked all the BBQ sauce up and made dry pulled pork sandwiches. The cole-slaw was too crunchy. I planned on this meal for a few nights of leftovers. Sigh.

The one thing I sewed – I am now ripping out. I remember why I stopped working on this project months ago. A major pain to maneuver and work on. I will try again this morning to get it right. If not, back into the closet it goes. I have plenty of projects I need to finish that I can work on if I so decide to. I have a large quilt that I need to quilt that I forget about. I come across it every five years or so. One of these days, I will suck up the courage and give it a go. Maybe tonight after my “chores” are done. Hubby is working late, so I can put on a ridiculous movie on TV and try it without any witnesses. Except for Ziva – she never rats me out!

Whiny and Pouty

Why am I whiny and writing this sucky post? Because I am procrastinating about what I should be doing now. There it is. I admit it. I want to “pitch” my novel and get an agent or publishing house to fall in love with it. I must submit my audition by mid-September for a chance to be on the pilot of a new reality show – America’s Next Great Author. That’s all. What’s so hard about that?

Getting started on the pitch – that’s the hard part. I have only written 7 drafts of this story, so I should know all the ins and outs, characters, and dilemmas. What I don’t know how to do is write the pitch. I have read and watched videos about how to, what not to do, and the best way to write one. Helpful, but for some unknown reason, I cannot use this great advice with my story.

To Be Continued…

Lazy & Useless Are We

Camp Gma took the day off today, and Chloe and I finished our Movie Marathon of the Twilight Saga. I disapproved of her watching stuff that had vampires, werewolves, and the like, but I knew she had already seen them all. I had read the books my daughter loaned me. To be honest, I LOVED the stories. They are original and about modern-day teenagers.

I made the mistake of watching the first one with her. Prime Video had the whole series available, free, for prime users. I discovered this while searching for the 2nd film of the 5 part series. I decided to watch #2 because I got a little crush on the boy who was also trying to woo Bella. NOT the dead guy, but the hot kid from the reservation. I have my standards, even in my fantasy world.

Like I said, we finished the marathon. Our youngest camper, Mary, will be here in about an hour. Gma is gonna sneak off and have a mini-nap while she still can.