Ranting At Marvel Studios

A copy of Entertainment Weekly arrived in the mail yesterday.  At first, I was excited to see the name “Thor” taking up most of the cover.  Another movie!  A tall guy that I did not recognize and two bad-ass chicks were on the cover.

As I read the article, however, my excitement quickly turned into disbelief then anger.


Thor Fan in “Adventures of Babysitting”

Since I was a little girl Thor was my favorite hero. Every superhero had their own movie (or two or five) it seemed, except Thor. Why didn’t Thor have a movie? This baffled me through childhood and beyond.

After YEARS of waiting, Thor is released in 2011. I must admit that he was worth waiting for. In 2013 Thor:Dark World was even more exciting.  (Is it hot in here, or is it me?)

It is Definitely Hot in Here

I will be boycotting Thor:Ragnarok.  I couldn’t bear to watch the horror unfold. The Entertainment Weekly reporter, Tim Stack, put it, “Sometimes even superheroes need a makeover”.

Maybe other superheros, Tim.  But  NOT  Thor. NO, NO, NO!!  My stunningly handsome hero now looks like every other rugged blond actor popping up in Hollywood lately. You know, the leading men in action movies who have short military style haircuts and have between a 3-day and 3-month growth of facial hair? I get most of their names mixed up because they all look the same. Thor should never look the same! Why doesn’t this new director, Taika Waititi, get that?

Give Loki a makeover! He still has his greasy flat hair. Shave his head or given him a spiky mohawk and spare his brother.

Ruining Thor’s looks was not enough for this crazy guy. He took Thor’s girlfriend AND his trusty hammer away from him. Then, a road-trip with (wait for it …  ) the Hulk is on the agenda.

Ha!  Thor and Hulk on a road-trip does sound fun, even I can see that. Who knows – I may even watch the movie someday. Out of curiosity, you understand.

But I am NOT going to like it.


♥ TTFN ♥





Can You See Me Now?

When I saw this diagram, it reminded me of the iceberg that destroyed the Titanic.  Then I read it.

Wow. That’s me. And like the Titanic, it was the below the surface crap that crippled and nearly sunk me. However – this post is not about me. “What?!” you say.  Yeah yeah.

I was compelled to share this with you, my dear readers, to hopefully educate you about people with chronic (invisible) illnesses. Maybe, you deal with one, but certainly someone you know has a chronic illness, whether you are aware of it or not.

I know about it now. Way too much, to be honest.

If you have read any of my posts under “Being Diabetic” or my “Insulin Pump Saga”, I talk not only about my disease, but how I try to cope with everyday life.  Just telling y’all is cathartic, so I benefit, but I also have my BFF, God, my diary and a dog I can talk to, so these posts are more for those newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, or the people who care about them.

It’s a walk in my shoes to look at how things go, from a person living with one (chronic illness). Live information, instead of all the books, pamphlets and videos thrown at you to absorb. Don’t even think about getting rid of those, BTW!  Mine are filed away in the black-hole under my office files, but they are there when I need to refer to them. Yes, even after being diagnosed 10 years ago, I still need them occasionally.  You can’t know everything!  Not at the same time.

Some days I may seem a little “off”, or not myself.  OK, so most days I seem like that – Ha!  I don’t usually mention it because words of explanation are tough to come by without sounding like a complainer. [Y’all know I’m a complainer, but it’s usually about politics, law, football or stupid people – not all about me.]

Well, it’s time to check my sugars and have a snack (or not) and put my ass in bed – that’s a big job these days…


If you have Diabetes (Type I or II) and would like to comment, ask questions, or relay information – PLEASE do so!!