Adiós, mis amigos. Por favor, no yo odies!

Today (yes, I know it’s Friday the 13th, but don’t worry because those are good days for me), hubby and I will get on a Delta Airlines “red-eye” flight and get our 2nd honeymoon underway in Mexico.

This week I have battled anxiety. The level of intensity is more than the usual pre-travel jitters I always get. Way more. In fact, the last two days I spent trying to relax and meditate, but to no avail. Today I feel sick to my stomach.

I know these feelings are a combination of a decrease in medication, hormone issues and having to drive at night. If I learned anything from therapy, it was how to analyze myself. My head knows what’s going on. Why doesn’t it explain it to my stomach?

Sigh. I will need a vacation by the time we get there.

Whining But complaining about my state of mind is not why we are here – but thank you for listening 😉

Instead of a dreary week of re-reading my archives, I have a few guest posts scheduled for your reading enjoyment. Published while I lay on the pristine white sand, or float in the warm surf off the Mexican coast.

See how I take care of y’all?  Maybe I’ll even send you a postcard  🙂

BTW – Translation of Title: Farewell my Friends. Please don’t hate me.

Earworms And Earwigs

Today’s Daily Prompt: “Earworm” suggests writing about what song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days.   Why does it speak to you?

It sounded like a fun assignment, once I could get past the visual that popped into my head of slimy worms crawling into my ear.  I won’t gross you out with the story my dad told me involving earwigs.  He probably made it up anyway.  But I digress…

“When I’m Back on my Feet Again”  (Michael Bolton)

I heard this song on my iPod yesterday. It surprised me – because I forgot I had it. Then, the next thing I knew I was humming the song. Not out-loud, but inside my head. With a ridiculous smile on my face.  Why?

When that song was first on the radio it made me cry. I wanted to be the one who was back on their feet again. I was fighting a losing battle with depression, anxiety, and mental stress.  That was 24 years ago.

I wish I could say I was cured now, but the truth is I will always be prone to depression and anxiety.   But guess what…?

Hearing that song made me realize something – I am back on my feet (again)   🙂

My Feet againIt’s GOOD to be back.

Difficult to Deal With

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause  “It is estimated that eight women in ten experience common symptoms leading up to the menopause. Of these, 45 per cent find the symptoms difficult to deal with.”

Who is this medical genius that keeps getting quoted? Sheesh!  Allow me to translate:”Nearly half of menopausal women go through Hell.” Am I surprised that I missed out on being in the 55% of non-Hell-bound women? Ha!  Not at all.

Remember, I’m a freak of nature. A manic-depressive, asthmatic, diabetic, addict, with sclerosis and thyroid disease, kept alive by modern medicine. Also, I got the chicken pox in my 30’s and nearly died. [Somewhere there are pictures of me in a medical journal, and except for the scabs covering my person (and I mean my entire person), I would have been naked.They told me I was too old to be getting the pox. Six months later, they told me I was too young to have the shingles. Apparently my body does whatever, and whenever it wants. Certain parts age faster than others too. Someday I may blog about that. Or not.

I can see myself in the future telling horror stories to my granddaughters. According to my doctor, this is only the beginning of my journey to the other side 😉

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