This Was NOT in the Brochure!

Live from Cancun, Mexico..

Exclusive footage from the Sun Palace…

Each day is more of the same, except stronger wind and harder rain. Apparently, this is the “adventure” part of our trip. We always experience something special when we travel.

Each morning hotel staff is on the beach putting up the red flags that mean “Danger – no swimming”. Like you could ‘swim’ in those big shore pounding waves. People will still try to wave jump or swim anyway, but the ocean wins.

No one will be coming home with a tan.

Two out of four restaurants closed because they have outdoor seating. The one we really wanted to go to on our anniversary is one of them.

No moonlit anniversary dinner, walks (or sex) on the beach. We know there is a full moon up there, but you can’t see it.

We have an HD TV in our suite, but it speaks Spanish.

Our light switches all work, however, they do not correspond with the location of the light. We have made this a game. Our home has the same kind of lighting.

The smallest can they make of Red Bull costs $5.oo. Unfortunately, it is the only sugar-free soda that isn’t Coke or Pepsi. The 8 ounce can will not even spoil a nap.

Tonight the entertainment is Karaoke. It could be fun to watch. Or not.

The jacuzzi in our suite is huge. We are afraid to use it because the air is already so damp.

Every morning at 6:30am the suite next door gets room service and they move furniture for 10-minutes. Sometimes they move furniture between 10:00pm and midnight. There is a gym around the corner we wish they would use instead.

Sometimes we hear toddlers stomping up and down the hallway. Then we remember there is no one here under 19. We are still trying to figure out what is making that noise.

Regardless, I doubt we have anybody’s sympathy back home.

We are making the most of it. At least the air is fresh and not smoky.

The air is heavy, damp, and warm here. Or there is something in the bottled water that makes you drowsy.  Yesterday, we took three naps. Today one for me and two for hubby (so far).

We have met some nice people from the UK and Canada.

Plenty of lounges to relax in. Sometimes we read. Sometimes I write while hubby naps or drinks margaritas.

The staff treats us like royalty.

I have not had to cook for four days. Or clean. 🙂

We are learning Spanish. When I’m asked for our room number I say “doscientas catorce”, like I’m bilingual or something. The locals, of course are on to me, but seem pleased that I’m trying. Or they are laughing at me. How would you tell the difference?

¡Hasta la vista!  Baby.

Adiós, mis amigos. Por favor, no yo odies!

Today (yes, I know it’s Friday the 13th, but don’t worry because those are good days for me), hubby and I will get on a Delta Airlines “red-eye” flight and get our 2nd honeymoon underway in Mexico.

This week I have battled anxiety. The level of intensity is more than the usual pre-travel jitters I always get. Way more. In fact, the last two days I spent trying to relax and meditate, but to no avail. Today I feel sick to my stomach.

I know these feelings are a combination of a decrease in medication, hormone issues and having to drive at night. If I learned anything from therapy, it was how to analyze myself. My head knows what’s going on. Why doesn’t it explain it to my stomach?

Sigh. I will need a vacation by the time we get there.

Whining But complaining about my state of mind is not why we are here – but thank you for listening 😉

Instead of a dreary week of re-reading my archives, I have a few guest posts scheduled for your reading enjoyment. Published while I lay on the pristine white sand, or float in the warm surf off the Mexican coast.

See how I take care of y’all?  Maybe I’ll even send you a postcard  🙂

BTW – Translation of Title: Farewell my Friends. Please don’t hate me.