The Big Move: Day 1

Friday, July 20th – our first day of retirement.

We celebrated by working our butts off. The moving company sent 2 guys over to help us pack up. In three hours, all our belongings going to the new house were boxed up and ready to load on the truck the next day.

Boxed Up
Only the beginning

When I say all of our belongings, I mean everything not nailed down. Our cupboards were empty. The drawers were empty. The dusty shelves in the garage were empty. I knew this, and yet I kept looking for things that used to be located there. Like baggies, scissors, postage stamps. It was maddening. I opened a drawer to get whatever was supposed to be in there, and of course it wasn’t. It made me think of a Polish joke my father used to tell – something about driving one crazy…

Have A Box Or Two
Grateful for large computer boxes from work

We made plans to go out to dinner that night, knowing that we I would be too tired to cook. Even if there was any food to be found. My very best childhood friend joined us and we reminisced about our youth and bitched about aging. We vowed to keep in touch, and get together for a few games in the coming football season. Only 10 more days until pre-season started  😉  GO Niners!

Thankfully, our bed had not been dismantled (yet), and we were able to get 5 or so hours of sleep before it was Saturday…

Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Week 5 Begins

June 17th, 2011

Dear Diary,

This could be the toughest one yet. My hubby will be out-of-town all weekend and I will be left home alone. Unsupervised.

Well,  I won’t be totally alone. The Bitch (a.k.a. my addiction), will be an uninvited house guest. She will be hovering close to me, whispering sweet lies that my addicted brain wants to believe. Things like “Oh come on,  you deserve a ‘free day’ “,  or  “No one will ever know if you have a couple smokes”.

When she gets desperate, the Bitch starts throwing old issues at me, excavated from my traumatic past. Nothing is too low of a blow for the Bitch.  ” It’s too late now, you’re old and the damage has been done “, ” If you can’t smoke anymore, which addiction will you turn to next?”, “Hasn’t your poor family been through enough?” The more desperate she gets, the nastier her ranting (inside my head) becomes.

What the Bitch doesn’t know is that I have a plan of attack. I’m going to strap on my iPod and rock & roll while spring cleaning. I call it spring cleaning because I’m going to pull everything out of the drawers, closets, and shelves. I will pack up what I want to move and get rid of what I don’t want. I will clean before I put the stuff back. This activity will be exhausting.

Next I will put on my pajamas, get my popcorn bowl, and start the Soap Marathon.

I have 8 days (16 episodes) of my soaps waiting for me on the DVR. Hubby hates listening to The Young and Restless & The Bold and Beautiful. I don’t know if he hates the shows, or my behavior.  I admit that I sometimes yell at the characters when they are being incredibly stupid.  There are many bitches (and bastards) to hate, root for, and scream at.  If you’re looking for entertainment that takes you completely away from reality – you should check them out.

During Soap Intermission I plan to call my best friend and see what she’s up to. I will try to talk her into visiting me out here in California where it’s tornado and flood free. That girl knows me more than anyone else. Except God, and He may consult her for all I know..

When all the soaps have been watched and I touch base with my BFF, I may do some gardening, organize photos, clippings, announcements, and the what-not I’ve been saving to put into a scrapbook someday.  Or I may take a nap. The choice is mine.

And NOT the Bitches!