Vanity vs Cheap

Why? What are they going to do?

I have a decision to make.

Our local grocery store considers you a Senior Citizen when you are 55-years old and over. Isn’t that a bit young? It used to be that grandparents got senior discounts at restaurants when they were over 65.  I mean I only turned 55-years old today. (Hard to believe, I know.)

I’m not ready to be a “Senior Citizen”. My grandparents were in their 70’s when they became senior citizens. Seniors are wise and dignified. You never see a senior shoving 3 pieces of gum in their mouth and be smacking it loudly, maybe even blowing bubbles. Or driving down the neighborhood with their car windows down and the stereo up high.

I have been known to still do those things. And although smart, I am not wise. I am so not a senior citizen.

Did I mention that seniors get a discount when they shop Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at our local grocery store?

It all boils down to one thing. How vain am I? Do I keep trying to look young, stay in denial about my age, -OR- do I accept the fact I’m old, and save a few bucks on the grocery bill?


photo credit: Ethan Prater via photopin cc

Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Day 1

Birthday CakeFriday, May 20th

Dear Diary,

My last puff was 8-hours ago. I feel really good and energetic, except I am mentally pacing around and restless. It’s time for my after lunch smoke, but I am not doing that. I can still go outside on my break and enjoy the sunshine – it will be weird without a cigarette, but then, what isn’t?

Before I leave for the weekend I think I will clean my work area. My desk is surrounded by dust bunnies and there are crumbs and coffee stains everywhere. It’s starting to gross me out and make me claustrophobic. Only an hour or so until I leave here and go to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients my daughter will need to make my special diabetic approved birthday cake this weekend. She found a recipe that is so wonderful AND uses artificial sugar 🙂

My next-door-office neighbor gave me a gift this morning. A large bag overflowing with sugar-free candies to help me through my cigarette-less days ahead. Is she being her sweet self, or is she afraid? Regardless, I am enjoying them much!

Well- I must get off my butt and take a little walk around the building now.