The Big Move: Mission Accomplished!

That #$%&@! box was hiding in the living room, under records & DVD’s. That’s correct, I still have a 3-foot stack of those large vinyl disc’s. The original Album’s. And the technology to play them – if you’re wondering.

I have to admire the efficiency of our movers. Whoever “packed” that #$%&@!  box of everything, did so in record time. No packing materials used. Just turn the desk drawer upside down over a large box, then tape the box closed. Done. They knew they could get away with this because when you opened that drawer you got the impression someone dumped a large box of miscellaneous crap into it.

It took 23 years to get that drawer full of crap. I think it will only take me a couple of days to disperse items to where they should go. Most of them are electrical & mechanical waste products, that men seem obligated to toss in a drawer – just in case. In case of what? Even if “what” happens, he will forget he has that junk and will buy more at the hardware store.

I should “forget” that I have a formal gown or a gorgeous tennis bracelet and run to the nearest mall and find one. It would be over an hours drive though, and I do not have the time to be a smart-ass now. So, I will file that idea in my brain for future thinking, and move on to unpacking that #$%&@! box.

Along with the “man junk” I find boxes of check receipts. Checks written in 2003. Why are we keeping them? Answer: Because no one has thrown them out. It’s the same reason we have a receipt from a drug store that went out of business before our kids were in school.

OK. Obviously I need to take on a new mission (impossible?). Slowly, as I unpack things, old useless crap will retire to the trash. Hubby doesn’t even have to worry his handsome head about it. The excellent wife that I am, will not bother him about those annoying little details.

Junk drawer contents
1/3 of what was in that #$%&@! Box!