Pieces of Wisdom

I came upon some wisdom on Friday and I wanted to share it.  The sentence you just read was supposed to remind me to do this, however, it’s now Monday and I have no clue what wisdom I am talking about.

Embarrassingly, I learned something from my own lack of wisdom.

Get it down!  Don’t abandon the idea, question, or light-bulb until you have some time to put together your thoughts in a meaningful way to share them.  I had something to say about something important and now I do not.  Why doesn’t this important something stick in my brain?  I really believed it would – hence the half-assed beginning of a post meant to be a ‘placeholder’ for something I most assuredly would not forget. 

This is not the first time this has happened. 

My brain is mean to me like that.  

The Unknown Post

Similar to the Unknown Comic?  No.

Shower Head

I do this – stare at a blank “New Post” form and wait for an idea to pop into my head. It’s my scheduled time to write, and I have no other chance for a while, so I better come up with something NOW!

I have never come up with a publishable post that way. In fact, if I start putting any words together and save the draft, I toss it a few weeks later. Because it doesn’t grow on me either. Probably because it’s forced.

The dictionary has two definitions for muse:

  1. Muse (verb), as to have deep thoughts or to meditate.
  2. Muse (noun) a spirit or source that inspires an artist.

OK then.  I can muse, and I can be a muse. Can I be amusing?   Another example of how English can be dumb.  But I digress…

Muse, who I think of as being feminine, does not look over my shoulder and smack me upside the  head when I stop writing.  She does not come when you call her, either. My Muse hangs out in the bathroom. Don’t laugh. Some of my best ideas have occurred to me while in the shower.

I have sensed her inspiration when writing is not on my mind at all, and I’m focused on scrubbing the built up crud off my stove.  Something nearly brilliant will pop into my head, bringing a sudden grin to my face, because it’s the coolest feeling in the world.

Being inspired  🙂