Threat Level Rising

Threat Level
Today's Level: Blue

My day started out well. My blood glucose level was in the desired range and my body was able to move less painfully than usual. I even looked forward to my day at work. The deadline on project A was met and I was free (for a few weeks anyway), to work on project B.

Blue was not the level I left work in, however. I spent hours trying to fix one little bug. To say that I’m stubborn, is like saying the Al Qaeda is not fond of the USA.  I spent five hours, out of nine,  tweaking and trying again. I could not let it go. I was so focused on the damned thing I forgot to go home on time. This really pissed me off.

I don’t dare start working on the bug-from-Hell tomorrow morning or nothing else will get done, and by the weekend things could reach Level Red.

That would be bad.

Crossing the streams kind of bad.