Sunday: The Beginning or The End?

I hate that the calendar week starts on Sunday.
Sunday is supposed to be a day of “rest”, and reflection. A day to mentally relax before the next week’s chaos gears up for Monday.  And of course, for watching football.

To begin the week on Monday makes perfect sense. If you begin the week on Sunday, that means your rest and reflections should be on Saturday – making no sense whatsoever. Everyone knows that Saturdays are for goofing off, yard-work and socializing. Date night.

Answer me this…  Why are big award shows like the Grammies and the Oscars on Sunday night?  On Monday, people have to get up early and go (and function) to work.  Why can’t these shows be on Saturday?  If you want to make a night of Oscar’s festivities, you have to take Monday off.  Monday’s usually suck, so this is not a big sacrifice, however, your boss may disagree.

OSCAR In my family (only the women), we have a tradition around the Academy Awards that started with me and my teenage daughter.  The pre-show fashion dissing was so much fun that we watched it together – even if we had to watch over the phone or tape it for when we could be together.  Then, over the span of years our fun evolved into us dressing up and walking the red carpet while being interviewed and photographed.  The awards themselves were chances to voice (loudly) our opinions and eat the smorgasbord of snacks we prepared all day prior to the Event.  One year we filmed “screen tests” for Thor.

The past 2 years COVID prevented our traditional Oscar weekend.  I don’t think it a coincidence that the last two award ceremonies were blah.  This year should be different. We got so excited to hear about there being a Host this year!  In fact there are three of them, all comedians, and two of our favorites. Daughter has ‘Oscar Monday’ off, and my soon-to-be 12 year old granddaughter has permission to go on a field trip to her grandma’s and miss school.  There are certain things you aren’t taught in the classroom.  Like fashion sense.  How to behave with dignity.  How NOT to behave in public.

And then, there is ‘how to borrow clothes and jewelry you don’t want to buy’, and what ‘after-party’ really means.  I could go on.  I am so far off track now that I should just wrap this up and call it a night.  I asked a question somewhere in the beginning of this post… Oh yeah!  Should Sunday be the start or the end of the week?

I’m not really interested in that topic anymore. Besides I must get ready for the Oscars!  If you have an opinion about Sunday, please share it with us in the comments!


My Life is Pending

Sale Pending Sign  Guess what???  People are really taking my house!

We opened escrow Friday, and here it is Monday, and our agent has not called to tell us that the buyers were “just kidding”. By Thursday I hope I can stop holding my breath.

I have postcards from 3 moving companies proclaiming “free estimates” that I want to call tomorrow. And I have important lists to make.

Redundant to-do lists like:

  • Sort through >
  • Pack    >                EVERYTHING!
  • Clean   >

I don’t know whether to start changing our mailing address, or freak out.  Escrow closes in 45-days. When is that? I want to schedule movers a few days before that, and give my notice at work 4 weeks before that.  Where the Hell did I hide the calendar? I could use the calendar app on my phone – if I knew how.

Freaking out looks more likely by the minute.

Post-Dramatic Holiday Blues

Blurry Christmas
Christmas went by like a blur

Or if you prefer, PDHB. After all, every noteworthy syndrome, disorder, and disease has an acronym.  PDHB happens to me every year and I have to suck it up and take it like a woman. Suck being the operative word.

I find out when I’m downloading the 6 GB of pictures and video that I took of the festivities, most of them are blurry. Great. Although I recognize my daughter and granddaughter when blurred, I am bummed. I console myself with the knowledge that I am the only one taking pictures, and this family would have no visual history if not for my efforts. Such as they are.

By the time I truly felt in the Christmas spirit, it was over. Just like that. Now it’s time to prepare for the new year. To me that means transferring all the family & friends birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  from my 2011 GIANT CALENDAR to the 2012.

Giant Calendar
I wasn't kidding!

For 2012 I have made goals, but not resolutions. One of them is to continue developing this blog. I’m toying with the idea of making it more professional looking (at least less pink).

Stay Tuned…….