Day One: Going Live

Well, class this morning was early. Unlike most morning classes I PumpClasshad when I was a full-time student, this class was exciting. Maureen, the trainer, is friendly, and easy going. Even though the subject is life & death serious, we had fun while I learned some things I hadn’t before. And I have dealt with diabetes for 9-years. It is a complicated chronic disease.

Because I was her only student and the training center is a 2-hour drive away, and Maureen lived closer to us, we had today’s class at home. I’m so glad we arranged this because I was nervous enough about going ‘live’ with insulin without a 2-hour drive and a strange place. I did really well and my blood sugar is spot-on (so far).

The only issue I had during the practice phase was my nemesis the syringe. And guess what?  I was not doing something I knew how to do with normal syringes – priming them.  You need to push up and down with the plunger a few times before attempting to insert air/draw out insulin. This loosens up the plunger. Besides feeling like an idiot, I was so happy that it was an easy issue to fix.

Tomorrow’s class will have to be at the facility because I need to meet with my doctor afterwards, to go over my log book and make any corrections to my dose, if necessary.

Meanwhile… the rest of the afternoon/evening/bedtime I must test my blood sugar every 1-2 hours, and from midnight to 6:00am I must get out of bed three times to test as well. If my fingers don’t hate me now, they will after 2-days of this! I get to taper off some, but not much for the first couple months.

Now I am officially “on the pump”. The only insulin I am getting is via the little Pod attached to my abdomen. The Pod is my pancreas, and it is remote-controlled. My granddaughter’s are fascinated, especially the (almost) 4-year old. She wanted to look at the Pod, and constantly touch it. She calls it “grandma’s boob”.

🙂  This thing will take some getting used to, for everyone…