It’s Thursday -Already!?

It’s amazing how Thursdays catch up with me now, since I started this Tid Bits & Giggles thing. I look through my memories and photos and those cute “signs” everyone posts on Facebook, looking for a great laugh that is worthy of my dear readers. It’s Wednesday night, so I feel pressured to get ‘er done.  Yet, I have not come across ANY thing that even remotely cracks me up.

Part of my melancholy, I’m sure, is the suicide of Robin Williams. I’m so sorry that he, who gave such joy to others, could not find happiness himself.  Whether he was Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire, or hosting the Oscars, the man was so talented. So incredibly FUNNY. I loved him, along with several zillion other fans.

Every time I heard “Dude looks like a Lady” by Aerosmith, these images popped into my head.  ↓











This world will be a gloomier place for a while…

Dearest  Robin