The Dental Saga: A Second Week Rant

It has been over a week since the surgery. I see the surgeon tomorrow (snow permitting). Yes, we still have freezing temperatures, even if the sun is out. The sun gave up for the day because dark and gloomy clouds quickly gathered up. Have you noticed my writing skills are lacking descriptive prose and humor? I have no patience for niceties.

HA! My patience is getting lower each day, and why? Pain. I still am dealing with pain because I am forced to ration my meds. My surgeon, of all people, knows exactly why and what kind of pain I am dealing with. Let’s pretend that extractions were not part of it. That I am “only” recovering from my jaw being cut into for the bone graphs, shaving the bone, and 3 new implants. Oh, and just as an aside, my TMJ did not like my jaws being pried open for hours and is still complaining. If you are lucky enough to not know what TMJ is like, then I will just summarize what the pain is and not go into details – someone is hammering an icepick into my ear drum on both sides of my head. Sooo, with all that trying to heal at once, I’m a bit crabby.

Sweet and Lovable
2nd Week of Pain

Crabby, I can camouflage fairly well – I mostly bite my tongue and just say things in my head. However, in week two, the emotional toll is increasing, and my eyes keep leaking, causing my nose to need blowing, which hurts (of course), and so it begins the pity cycle all over again. If you think that only a pregnant woman is overly emotional and slightly nuts, you are mistaken.

I gave myself a “day off” from wearing dentures today. They were making me insane yesterday because I could not control them, and they would move and stab me in my gums. I can’t talk with them or swallow medication because my poor tongue is confused by what has become of my mouth. Anyway, since they were soaking in denture solution all day and not in my mouth, my gums feel a bit tight. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I only know that it’s painful. All I can do at this point is rinse (gently) with warm salt water. It helps more than I care to admit.

I’m unsure if this post completely expressed my angst, but I feel better now.
Thank you for listening.