Astonishing News Article

I found this article on the Yahoo Home page… I still feel sick to my stomach. Why am I sharing this? I’m not sure. Maybe to protest against the attitude of the media, or how much this is NOT Okay.


Spider-Man crashes during a show at Disneyland’s Avengers Campus

By Reid McCarter Wed, June 15, 2022, 10:30 AM

In a moment that must be watched repeatedly if we are ever to truly understand its gravity, we hear Spider-Man announce “Here goes something!” before he goes swinging into view above Disneyland’s Avengers Campus. Spider-Man’s limbs lock up at the top of his arc through the sky, rendering him unable to safely descend. Heroic music swells in the background as he yells out “Airbags, please!” in vain. A moment later the web crawler smashes back-first into the side of a building, crashing against a wall and disappearing from sight.

The crowd gasps, and then a robotic voice announces that the facility Spider-Man has just rocketed into “is not equipped with airbags,” and we hear the simple, pitiful last words of the hero as his life ebbs away. “Okay,” Spider-Man replies.


An Instagram user named Darren L. captured the footage at Disneyland California, writing that “the show briefly stopped for a couple of hours but was back up and running later!” This, unfortunately, shows that, for The House Of Mouse, the horrific takedown of even a marquee superhero is simply just business for them—something to be moved on from immediately.

The show must go on. The people must be entertained. A new Spider-Person must immediately step into the still-warm, bloodstained suit of their predecessor and swing around a theme park.

The only redeeming quality of this video is the fact that it is short, unlike the above article which gets more horrifying as you read.


TTFN – Please comment on how this article made you feel. I can’t be the only one sickened by this!

Look Out! It’s the Weekend…

It is Friday, before the 4th of July weekend, so our little mountain town is getting invaded. The traffic to town began to get heavier yesterday evening and today the roads are crowded and people are getting impatient to get their groceries and unpack their stuff so they can relax.

When you are a full-time resident, you are not up here looking for excitement. And you certainly do not expect any. So, imagine our surprise when we got a call from our son as he was leaving town, telling us we should go down the hill to the market and see the Subaru sedan that drove into it. What!?! We did not want to miss this, which we would have if we did not receive a heads up.

Excitement at the “Drive-in” Market

It is pitiful that this is the most excitement we have had this summer. I do not know the story behind the crash. I do know that this is the first vehicle I ever saw that ran into a building in real life. I see this a lot in the movies and on TV.

Was I a little bit embarrassed about how eager I was to get a good photo so I could post it here? Not as much as I should be. I dashed out to the truck without combing my hair or putting my bra back on. I did not even look in a mirror.

My readers, y’all who are reading this, are worth the occasional faux pas, and embarrassment that come with my provocative reporting. National Enquirer, here I come!