My About Page In 2023

About the Author

J. Lea Greenfield has been writing stories since the age of ten. Always wanting to write a novel, she made many attempts through the years. Work, family and life in general interrupted her bouts of creativity.

Journey to the Other Side  Now retired, she has participated in NaNoWriMo 2012 & 2013, starting 2 very different novels, and finishing them. Through the Door was published in the spring of 2015, and soon after she was offered a contract to write a screenplay of the story.

Through the Door won the Oscar for best screenplay and  OSCARwas awarded the Oscar for Best Picture (2016).

Since then, J. Lea has written 5 adult fiction novels, 4 children’s books, and 3 screenplays, between writing more books in the Through the Door series for the National Historical Society.

She lives on the western slope of the Sierra, with her husband and her dog

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The above is pure fantasy. Dammit!

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An Open Letter to My Addiction (a.k.a. The Bitch)

Dear Bitch,

Two years and three months have gone by without smoking a cigarette. My lungs can take some hiking now, and my asthma is like a childhood memory.

I smell pretty now – instead of like an ashtray.

I rarely think about smoking anymore, and when I do, I think how great it is to be free from nicotine.

And, then, from out of nowhere comes a flashback of lighting up and taking a drag. My subconscious grabs this image and decides, “a cigarette would be so good now!”

But I am wise to the sneaky-assed tactics you use to manipulate my mind. You are clever, I’ll give you that. You have all my buttons memorized and on your speed-dial.

English: Image of the insulaYou can even get me to question what I know is the truth. How you torture me!

Is your real name Insula? I have read that damage to the Insula in the brain will stop addiction to cigarette smoking. Well. Isn’t that special?  Deep down I think I suspected this all along…

In order to get rid of you once and for all, I must have a lobotomy.

You truly ARE a Bitch!!