The Dental Saga: Operation Healing

I was never able to take a nap. Before I knew it, it was 8:30 pm and hubby went to bed. The first thing I did was take out the dentures – they were fixed in with denture goop. I rinsed them with warm salt water to loosen the grip before pulling them off my gums.

.The goop had helped the dentures stay in place. Unfortunately, it adhered to my gums enough to pull out stitches. Note to self – use less goop!

After a late dinner, I suddenly got hit with a chocolate craving. As an experiment, I took 2 Hersey’s kisses (melted), 1 tbsp of vanilla ice cream, and 1 tbsp of vanilla yogurt, and put them into a plastic glass. I microwaved all for 9 seconds, stirred, and nuked it for another 9 seconds. Stir and voila! It’s not fancy French or Swiss chocolate, but it was yummy enough for me at this point.

I got some great advice today – “Just take your pain meds and sleep until you’re better.” I plan to take that advice this weekend.