The Photo Bomber

Bonus Photo – Ziva

As I was shooting different angles of today’s daily photo challenge subject, my sweet 90-pound lapdog jumped right in front of the camera. She looked so cute that I decided Day-5 would have a bonus photo. And here she is!

The actual subject of today’s photo is a colorful collection of 2.5-inch squares.  I call this The Unassembled Patchwork Quilt.  I have been saving cute and colorful fabric scraps for years and I am finally going to play with them.

Hmm.  maybe the fabric is the Bonus photo.  and the bomber is the photo of the day?

Yes. I believe that is the answer.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Under the Weather?

That’s what you call the little cedar tree growing underneath my little weather station.  The moment I took its picture, the breeze had died down and the weather was perfect – around 80 degrees, no humidity.  The Weather Channel concurs and predicts the weekend will be more of the same.

Last week I discovered another reason for my tree to be under the weather – my dog has been eating it.  No one saw her do this, but the truth came out (literally) all over our porch carpet when dog threw up and in the slimy goo were chunks of cedar branches.

It was an extremely gross and daunting clean-up effort – thank you, dear!

Well, it’s late and I’ must get to bed!  I have not gotten enough ZZzz’s lately and I look like, Uhm like I have not slept..

♥  TTFN  ♥