Domestic Friday

I love my every-other Friday off work!  I refer to it as my “domestic” Friday because I usually get involved with cleaning, laundry, weeds, or organizing things.

Today I am doing all the above, with some mending thrown in as well. I hope to later work on my cookbook (I’m having problems with formatting that pissed me off, so it’s been a couple of months now since I opened the document).  But first I am on a mission to organize my kitchen cupboards. As you can see, they need it. The plastic container section has been a case of what you want is hard to get to, and you better slam the door shut before 2 more items launch out at you and hit your toes that are only protected on the bottom by your flip-flops. Tupperware is painful my friend!

My prescription medication & remedies section is just ridiculous.

The messy cupboard

I don’t even want to discuss the pots and pans shelf. Ha! It’s not even a shelf – it’s the floor.

It took  2 hours to make any progress. I had to remove everything from the shelf I was working on. I found seasonings and vitamins with expiration dates in 2008. (Yuck!)  I washed the shelf and while it dried I made room in a bedroom dresser drawer for all my medications to hang out in. Except for my plastic 7-day pill-box, the cold remedies, and Ibuprofen, the shelf looks empty now. Look Mom, you can see the shelf!!

There is space!

The food area is full, but now I can see everything. Things do not fall out when I open the doors either. I keep opening the doors to just admire it.


Saturday afternoon I finally got the motivation to tackle the containers & pots and get this mission finished. Whew. A small part of the house, but one I have to deal with everyday.

Containers Under Control

I know it still looks wild in there, but my toes are safe and so is my 1-year old granddaughter when she comes into the kitchen to help me cook.

Pots Under Control

The pots & pans have room for a couple more that belong there because I am sick of having to dig in the spare room closet for my favorite sauté pan, or in the pantry for my big Tupperware (on the bottom left).

Of course, what helped make things neater was removing a few things and making a place for them in my “pantry”, (a.k.a. the garage). I will spare you looking at that disaster. You might already be asking yourself, why is this crazy woman posting the contents of her kitchen cupboards? And why am I still reading this?

I will answer you truthfully. I have no freaking clue why I am writing this post. Maybe it’s because my blood sugar has been very high. Maybe this menopause thing is striking me silly. Maybe I just want sympathy because I have the smallest kitchen cupboards in the world. My 2 bedroom apartment had twice the cupboard space as this 4 bedroom house. (WTF??)

BTW – have you ever seen kitchen linoleum that looked like brick before? I want to go on record here: I did NOT do that to my kitchen!!