The Vikings Are Coming – Part I

49er-logo  VS.  vikings-logo

 In one hour, the Vikings will join the 49er’s at Candlestick Park. Last preseason we went to Minnesota and got beat up.  I hope today’s re-match has a better outcome. For the 49ers, I mean.

I know our boys have been preparing hard for this game – all week-long. They aren’t the only ones.

Did you know Fans prepare for each game as well?  I’ve done my voodoo fan magic for today’s game – I’ve got on my 49er jersey and red nail-polish. My 49er pillow-pet and blanket are on the couch. Hubby made popcorn the other night.  Add leftover BBQ ribs, veggies & chips, and we have fuel for the game. And of course we have beer, duh! Hubby likes Bud Light and I like Barg’s diet root-beer.

What have YOU done for them lately?



Things I Won’t Miss About My Soaps

True to my word last week, I managed to drop my scheduled daily recordings of my soaps. I still have saved ones that I’m watching while in the kitchen, or folding laundry in the living room. I have 16 episodes left (8 for each soap). I hate to admit it, but I have started to worry about said soaps. Will the trial be over in eight more episodes? Will I miss Victoria and Billy running into each other?  Important crap like that.

I am coping with this pre-abstinence behavior by focusing on what I won’t miss about my soaps. There are many things, actually. Today’s episodes (1 of each) reminded me of some of the really annoying ones..

Like that damned Chloë – I can’t stand her constant whining. Every day it’s something. Jill and Catherine are still fighting after 39-years, and just when you think that Jill has found her true mother – you’re wrong.

And we have spent WAY too many episodes listening to everyone in town going on and on about Hope’s virginity. Especially Hope. She is so sickly-sweet that I have to inject more insulin when watching her.

Sharon and Nicholas Newman That reminds me of Sharon Newman’s too sweet to be true personality. I will miss seeing her ex, Nicholas, though. Yum. But I digress…

What is with Ridge Forrester’s haircut? Are they making him look like an old fuddy-duddy on purpose, or was it a horrible accident?  Then there is Stephie Forrester. I love her new haircut. But when is somebody going to shoot the bitch? I am so tired of her I’m-a-little-princess attitude and her slutty ways. I suspect she is the progeny of Taylor and Bill Spencer, but I’m not going to wait around for that revelation.

And don’t get me started on Victor Newman. Just don’t. Victor Newman

Confessions of a Soap Opera Addict

I must wean myself off the damned things. My DVR is starting to fill up, and hubby and I have a lot of network shows that we tape. When your bedtime is 7:30pm you tape everything.

EyesI do love my soaps! I got addicted all over again when I moved in with my mom last year. After she passed away, I moved back home and set my DVR to tape every episode. Watching them without mom was not as fun, and I should have quit then. But really good stuff was happening and I couldn’t let go yet. After they solve the mystery , I’ll stop taping them I told myself. And wouldn’t you know it, some other “can’t miss” exciting stuff started up before the mystery was over, so I had to continue on. ..

Pocket WatchI tape and save, but don’t watch them. Well, I do watch them when hubby is working on his shop (a.k.a. man cave), or before he gets home from work. But today I watched 2 days worth out of 30.  I am starting to stress over how many I have to watch to catch up. I wonder what my therapist would say about that. Never mind. I know what she would say, and she would be blunt about it too.

I decided that I will turn off the auto recording of the soaps. I can watch the 28 days worth at my leisure. Then go back to checking in with them on the occasional holiday or sick day when I’m home during the week. But no more recordings!  I will just have to put up with the advertisement breaks every 7 minutes.

I’m glad that quitting soap operas will be easier than quitting nicotine. Nothing in this world is tougher than giving up cigarettes. Nothing.