The Big Move: Day 1

Friday, July 20th – our first day of retirement.

We celebrated by working our butts off. The moving company sent 2 guys over to help us pack up. In three hours, all our belongings going to the new house were boxed up and ready to load on the truck the next day.

Boxed Up
Only the beginning

When I say all of our belongings, I mean everything not nailed down. Our cupboards were empty. The drawers were empty. The dusty shelves in the garage were empty. I knew this, and yet I kept looking for things that used to be located there. Like baggies, scissors, postage stamps. It was maddening. I opened a drawer to get whatever was supposed to be in there, and of course it wasn’t. It made me think of a Polish joke my father used to tell – something about driving one crazy…

Have A Box Or Two
Grateful for large computer boxes from work

We made plans to go out to dinner that night, knowing that we I would be too tired to cook. Even if there was any food to be found. My very best childhood friend joined us and we reminisced about our youth and bitched about aging. We vowed to keep in touch, and get together for a few games in the coming football season. Only 10 more days until pre-season started  😉  GO Niners!

Thankfully, our bed had not been dismantled (yet), and we were able to get 5 or so hours of sleep before it was Saturday…

Take My House… PLEASE!

House For Sale

Before hubby and I can move to our dream house, we have to get rid of the one we are living in. Paying 2 mortgages has been interesting with both of us toiling at our full-time (and then some)  jobs, but we are really sick of this and want to retire. But retiring means living on less than 1/2 our income, so we can’t –  until we have paid our last payment (into escrow) for this house.

In the meantime our brand new home in the mountains, sits and waits. It’s waiting a lot more patiently than we are. Nerves are bent and frayed. Bodies aching. Some of us (not yours truly, but the other one) are getting more and more grumpy. Some of the pressure lifted yesterday, since we finished up the work that had to be done before we could officially get the house on the market.  Strangers could be walking through my house this very minute!

The house looks fabulous. It never looked this good before. Probably because there’s no trace of people living in it. Nothing sitting on counters. No dishes drying in the kitchen. Fridge is totally naked of magnets, pictures, appointment cards. The simplest task is a pain now – you have to find where you hid the crap you need to do it. To add a doctor’s appointment to our family calendar, one has to look for the calendar. The chances of a writing utensil close by is slim. These items used to hang by the phone in the kitchen. Now they are hidden away inside a cleared out drawer in the dining room china cabinet. Annoyingly inconvenient.

Naked Counter Tops

God help you if you need a tissue. No boxes of tissues are allowed to be on any counter – even bathroom counters can’t have tissues. Bathrooms, BTW, cannot have any personal items in view. “It just isn’t done” our agent told us, and we believe her. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, lotions are big no-nos. Toilet paper was not mentioned and frankly, I was afraid to ask. Some very grumpy someone would not tolerate hidden TP, I can guarantee you.

When I get home,  it feels like I’m walking into an empty house. Where’s our stuff? OMG! We’ve been robbed!  I am secretly, absolutely, loving the fact that hubby isn’t piling his stuff on the dining table and the kitchen counters anymore. He actually puts it away! I have spent 24 years of complaining about his “piles”, and suddenly they disappear.   Apparently, that is how much power Natalie, our real estate agent, has.  Impressive.

Empty Kitchen

To Be Continued…