Insulin Pump Saga: Getting Closer…

When I said “stay tuned…” I had no idea that I would be leaving you hanging for a whole  NovologSyringemonth. Yikes! 2014 has begun with a calendar full of appointments, events, etc and that’s my excuse for the long lull in this Insulin Pump Saga.

I passed the requirements to get into the February pump training classes. Yippee!! Next week I see my Endo (endocrinologist) and she will look over my “numbers” and write a prescription for my pump programming. The trainer will come over and go over my pump with me and fill it with saline solution while I am “in training”. This is for when I make a boo-boo and tell the pump to give me more insulin than it would take to kill a horse.  That way it’s an “Oooops!” instead of a funeral. I am completely OK with that approach  😉

I am excited, yet anxious too. It will be a huge change in my life, and even though I want this change, it will be a major one.

February is here and so is my pump. Keep staying tuned (but don’t hold your breath or anything)  🙂