Adventures in Liverpool

The Bronze Statues of The Fab Four in front of Town Hall.  I have no idea who the two chicks are, but they would not move and hubby became impatient.

Our tour guide in Liverpool was a Beatles fan, so we got to see some famous sights, besides churches and castles.

On the right is a photo of St. Lukes Cathedral – it made me think of my family in St. Louis, MO. Hi y’all!  Miss you!


Everyone got to have a photo taken of them on Penny Lane. Even better, was the musical accompaniment as our bus rolled down the street.  “Penny Lane” by the Beatles of course!

Everyone enjoyed that – even those who pretended not to.  You could just tell.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Adventures in Dover

This is as close as we got to the White Cliffs of Dover.  From the Dock and from the Sea.

Why are these cliffs white?

Because they are made of chalk.

I never walked through an old English village before. Canterbury was the very picture of a quaint little village. Sure, it has St. Georges Clock and Cathedrals here and there, but our walking tour guide took us into the “real” Canterbury.

We did a little shopping around, along with everyone else.

As we left Dover in the evening, it treated us to its dusk lights.

A gorgeous farewell from Canterbury

♥  TTFN  ♥


Adventures in Greenwich

Our next-door neighbors Susan & Gene

Boarding the Viking Jupiter was smooth and organized.  What a difference from other cruise lines! So many things are different (a good thing).

Today is Monday, so it must be Greenwich. The weather has been comfortable and every tour guide and Londoner have told us that we should feel very blessed.  We do.

We booked 2 tours today – a morning overview and an afternoon of learning about the Tower of London.

My knees trembled at the word Tower, but luckily there were only a few steps we didn’t have to climb much.  Our knees and calves still being quite sore from the Paris excursion.

In Front Of Royal Naval Academy

Greenwich is a snapshot of English history and home to several maritime institutions. Royal Naval College is a major symbol of Britain’s seafaring heritage and the architectural centerpiece of the city. (sounds like a brochure because I copied one.)

Greenwich is also the home of the “Cutty Sark”, built in 1869 and is one of the last tea clippers and part of the British National Historic Fleet.  Our tour guide, Mark, told us all about the myths and history that went along with ‘tea clipper’. I wish I could remember them all.  When your guide is a local and says, “don’t tell who told you that”, you have a fun guide.  We got lucky twice with guides in Greenwich.

Our guide, Steven, for the Tower of London, was quite a hoot. First of all, we were taught about the name Stephen – Britians use the ‘ph’ to spell it and Americans use the ‘v’.  Unless you have progressive parents, like Steven did, and made up their own rules.

The Tower of London is a multi-purpose tower.  It was used for:  Securing the Queen’s Jewells, the Royal Palace, and the Prison.


Ignore the people in the above photos – I was too impatient to wait for them to get out of my way.

We were not allowed to photograph the Crown Jewell’s.  Steven told us to get over it and copy them from the Internet like everyone else.

Alrighty then…