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Because I don’t know how my week is going to go, Thursdays will either involve giggles OR somebody throwing snits.

In case you didn’t grow up in West Virginia, a “snit” is snotty fit. Unlike the tantrum, a snit is violently verbal, not so much physically abusive, although, a few have been known to morph.

This week has been all over the map as far as good and evil go. It will be more of a middle ground, which is totally not as fun as the other two – for you, I mean.

Once Upon a Time…

For those of you who use computers, you will enjoy this story… My laptop is hanging in by a kilobyte and last week it could not find it’s own hard disk (a.k.a. it’s brain). I, a computer technician, immediately went into “rescue” mode and backed up every folder, file, MS Office docs, photos and a gazillion quilt guild files.

After setting up the basics, and trying to get oriented to a ‘Windows 10’ system, I plugged in the back-up flash drive. When ever things are supposed to go smoothly, they do not. I know this, but I was not prepared for the magnitude of problems I got myself into.

First, I did not realize that the ‘backup’ drive (OneDrive) would copy all the files I copied over. It only had 5 GB of space, so it rapidly filled up. This sent me a bunch of error messages, wanting me to buy more room. Forget this! I would figure out the way to control the OneDrive thing later but I needed to get my files loaded and keep working on getting my system ready.

So, I told OneDrive to delete the files. That was the beginning of the disaster that ensued. They were deleting along just fine and when I closed that window, and I saw the second window that warned me “if you delete contents from OneDrive, those files will also be removed from your computer.


Who thought up THAT brilliant plan? Obviously Windows 10 programmers. Because said programmers are not stupid, I decided that it was some kind of joke. I was NOT amused.

Not time to panic, I told my self. Now that the OneDrive was turned off, I could download the files again to the computer. BUT WAIT!

The #@$%&*! OneDrive ate the files off of my back-up disk also.

Frustrated and too mad to think, I shut off the new toy and went to bed. This morning, I figured out how to handle this. I got my laptop and booted it up, so I could pull the missing files off of it. It would no longer accept my Windows password. This was my own fault for using the same one for my new desktop. And, Windows website to reset passwords was “out for maintenance”.

Being determined, (a.k.a. stubborn as heck), I logged in using the Guest account that required no password. HA! Take that you little computer… Then it occurred to me that if my file permissions were textbook – I would not be able to access my real account. I prayed that these were messed up along with all the other things today.

They were! The files I needed were in a folder called “Membership Records.” Unfortunately, there were many different folders named just that in a variety of places. I found the ones which contained older versions of our quilt guild’s 2021 Member Roster – Last year, Jan & Feb of this years. Where was the March One? I could not have lost that file! I did not have time to start from scratch, and I just got many member renewals in the mail that I need to update that file with! As the chair of the membership team I was mortified. Embarrassed Ashamed. One thing kept running through my mind – “Diane was gonna kill me!”

After my tantrum, I did a search of the entire hard disk of the laptop. One of the listed folders had a Roster file dated March 22, 2021.

Whew! It is afternoon now. This adventure began in the morning, so I am too exhausted to work on that file now. I am really thinking about a nap, but alas, I have grocery shopping and housework to do. A frustrating morning with a bit of a happy ending.

So I ask you, is this post a giggle or a snit?

Where’s An Exorcist When You Need One?

Dear Faithful and Patient Readers,

Pretending to not be chewing chair...
Pretending to not be chewing chair…

I have missed you this week!  It’s been a hectic, crazy life here. I can’t stand being in my own house because it was filthy before Ziva arrived and now it has no hope of being clean this winter.

I have tried several times/days to write this blog post. I cannot focus or put two thoughts together, not just in my writing, but in whatever it is I need to do. I cannot remember when I showered last. I keep falling asleep on my keyboard. I added a bazillion “k”s to this post last night.

You know, like this: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…and so on.

Puppies are babies and they need to be taught the rules of the household.  For example – not to eat the furniture, carpet, or their people.  The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the smartest breeds, and they learn quickly. Not, however, as quickly as you would like them to. At least not before your hands and wardrobe are in tatters.

And the potty training is not going well. At all. I’m sure it’s our fault somehow, but we can’t figure out how we are being inconsistent. This “potty-talk” will most likely happen over dinner this evening. How romantic, heh?

My Ziva is a sweet, cuddly, fur-ball and very attached to my hubby and I. Already! I’m flattered since she has only known us for 7 days. BTW: Her 9th-week birthday is today!

I am NOT moving from this spot !
I am NOT moving!

Evil Ziva arrived on day three. She is just as cute, and as smart as Ziva, but you know when it’s her. The Tasmanian Devil on crack would not be as fierce as Evil Ziva.

When she decides she’s going to eat your lace curtains, yelling her name, scolding “NO!”, scary noises, or removing her from the scene of the crime, will not stop Evil Ziva. She knows what is OK and what is NOT.  And she does not care.  Psychotic stress, along with grief for her lost siblings, combined with teething, has created a monster.

We had to “re-decorate”.

Maybe this look will catch on...
Maybe this look will catch on…

Evil Ziva pretends that you are playing with her when you scream as she gnaws your arm, leg, foot, boob – whatever she can get into her jaws. It’s f#&*@g  painful!  So, we put her in a time out (in her crate) when this happens, and that usually calms her down.  Since Ziva is so cuddly when she’s calm, I opened the crate door and let her out.

In less than a minute, I hear Ziva terrorizing hubby in the living room. More of the same biting frenzy going on. I could hear his patience wearing thin.

What's That Smell?
What’s That Smell?

“It’s time for the hoof,” I tell him. His silence told me that he was considering this, even though he disagreed with me about it. (Long story, but basically the question all new parents face – “Do you give the baby a pacifier or not?”) Finally he decided to trust me on this one. He was so happy he did. I refrained from saying “I told you!” (even though I had).

Evil Ziva immediately left the building. Once she discovered “the hoof”, she forgot about our clothes, and the furnishings. She can gnaw on the thing for hours, while we watch TV, read, or write without worrying about a sudden attack.

I can hear you say “gross!” or the ever popular, “I would never let one of those nasty things inside my house!”

Oh… yes,  you would.  You would even pay hundreds of dollars for one, to prevent slowly being eaten alive by a large puppy (with little pointy teeth, mind you!).  I know you think I’m exaggerating, as I have been known to do – occasionally. I’m not.

Remember the “Oh, it’s just a little bunny” that lived in a cave, on Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  The one with the “little pointy teeth“?

That, my friends, is Evil Ziva without her cow-hoof.

15-pound terror
15-pound terror



No, smarty pants, this isn’t a guest post. It’s me. Trying to clean up my language because I can’t afford a $12,000 fine. Not many people can.

But, that was last weeks game.

Our beloved Kap, I only revert to his nickname because I can’t remember how to spell Kaepernick most of the time, did not yell any naughty words. At least that the referee’s heard, anyway.

However, his team became unruly in the second half. I could not believe my eyes! Rookies and veterans alike. Blatantly breaking rules. Dare I say it? We were playing like Falcons and the Raiders used to.

Sure. The second half turned sour (again) after leading in the first. The Cardinals were fired up and making points. We caused our losses in yardage and field position. The refs called us on everything and anything they could. We practically asked for it. We made it so easy for the Cardinal’s to beat us, that my head keeps shaking in disbelief.

It came to me then, the real cause of all this trouble. Voo-Doo. Plain and simple. Somebody, probably up near Seattle, has little 49er dolls and while the 49ers play, this dastardly somebody, throws little yellow flags at them, making them commit penalties. They can’t help themselves against these evil forces.

Shouldn’t we tell the authorities about this?  The word needs to get to Coach Harbaugh and the NFL, so they can investigate and track down these nefarious voo-dooers, before the team completely looses their reputation.  Black Magic has to be the reason the guys are not themselves out there.


Because the alternative means calling an Exorcist.

Kaepernick Makes a Run For It