The Annoying Truth

Day 1: Cataract surgery – Right Eye.  Everyone told me it would be a “piece of cake”.  They were correct. When I thought they were rolling me into the surgery, I was actually being rolled out.  I missed the entire thing!  This was a blessing.  I was so nervous about having to watch them cutting into my eyeball.

Day 2: I was able to take off the bandage today and put drops in my eye.  The eye (the right one) was blurry and full of goop. I could not open it all the way. I was expecting to see a miraculous difference – not a worsening of vision.  But I was forewarned that it may take days to see normally.

Day 3: My right eye was still blurry and I could not see a dramatic difference in my sight.  This worried me.  My left eye had the worse vision, so maybe after that surgery, I would be able to focus well.

Day 4: In the morning, I removed the eyepatch and put my AM drops into my eye. I could not believe my face in the mirror. Yes, I had a black eye of course.  It was my skin that freaked me out.  The creases in my forehead were deeper and more predominate.  I was pale and pasty looking with a dry and cracking aura about me. A few days without moisturizer and foundation takes its toll.

Day 5:  The past three days I had a headache.  I decided that a hot shower would help.  It would have helped more if I was not distracted by the filthy grime sticking to the tile grout.  Then there was the tile on the walls – their grout was a pinkish color in spots.  Mildew was growing all around me.

Day 6:  I figured out something.  There is nothing wrong with my right eye.  Every day, I look older & my house is dirtier.

With all the warnings and cautions, my Doc neglected to tell me about those side effects.

♥  TTFN  ♥

When Dinner Looks Back At You

This afternoon I got into a rare domestic mood and cleaned! Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I decided to actually cook something.

I had a huge chicken breast in the fridge and red potatoes in my pantry. I even had vegetables for a great salad. Hubby will be pleasantly surprised.

First thing, I needed to chop the breast into four pieces (that’s how large the thing was!). Then I got out .the Jamaican Rub I bought in town at the flea market.   I rubbed olive oil into the chicken then rubbed the rub in. I wrapped them up to marinate. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting a head-start on dinner instead of my usual M.O. of late – to whip up any old thing I had around.

Next, I got the 5-lb bag of potatoes from the pantry. Funny, but I bought them two weeks ago, and there were already “eyes” peeking out from the air-holes in the plastic bag. When I let the potatoes roll out of the bag and into the sink, I screamed and jumped back. I know I will have nightmares about all those hideous evil eyes looking up at me in a sinister way. I should have chucked them all and made rice, but those who know me understand how stubborn I am. Besides I wanted roasted potatoes cooked on the grill, so maybe I could sit and relax for just a few minutes. It never happens, but as an optimist I keep planning it.


Every single potato had large bulging eyes, and on top of those, more bulging eyes. There were so many eyes the potatoes looked like they had spiny flowers growing out of them. The flowers were greenish-red and hairy, but I knew it wasn’t hair. I could not bring myself to touch them.

I stood there at the sink , staring back at my dinner, debating whether I should wash them first, or start hacking out eyes. I washed them first, after all they were already in the sink.




Then with my trusty chopping knife and a potato peeler, I managed to find 5 potatoes that had more potato than eyes. After cubing them and mixing with butter and garlic salt, I double-wrapped them in foil. I cleaned the hacked up remains from the counters and handed the plate of chicken and the foil-wrapped potatoes to hubby to BBQ.

I’m sure that hubby enjoyed eating those potatoes, way more than I did. A true case of “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Moral of this story? Do not buy potatoes in bags. Pick potatoes one at a time.  😉

Snow Math: 6-inches In Sonora = 1-foot in Arnold

We had an unplanned trip down the mountain to Sonora today,  so I ended up watching the snowstorm hit through the ophthalmologist’s office windows. Oh man, it was awesome. Huge flakes and small flakes poured from the sky, as if the angels were having a marathon pillow fight.

The snow did not stop coming down the entire 2-hours I sat there. I was already nervous about my hubby’s condition, and now I worried we wouldn’t get home. If it was snowing down here at 2,000 feet, Lord only knew what was happening in Arnold at 4000 feet .

When we left the doctor’s office there was 6-inches piled up. The roads were passable, if you could get around the stuck cars. It was also getting dark quickly. It took and an hour and a half to get to Parrots Ferry road, and another 40 minutes to highway 4. The snow plows had been at work so the highway was snow free. Now we could go 25-miles per hour!

It was scary because the snow was already filling in the scraped pavement as we went up the mountain. That, and on-coming traffic lights blinded hubby and I was in charge of keeping us on the road. That drive seemed to drag on forever.

When we finally got to Arnold, the roads seemed chosen at random whether to be plowed or not.  Our street was not one of the chosen. Hubby, of course, had his big-assed truck (Ford F-150) with 4-wheel drive, so we were able to make it up our twisty road.  Thank God a large truck  turned around at the dead-end, otherwise we would have had no sign of where the street even was. There was over a foot of snow blanketing the roads and drop-offs equally.

Now sitting in a chair by the wood-burning stove, talking to you guys, I can relax. Maybe. My nerves were strung tighter than a hooker’s dress for 5-hours. It’s too dark to take pictures, so I’m going to bed now. Good-Night & Sleep Not-so-tight,

BTW – Hubby’s eye is doing better now – the surgeon said he had a small retinal detachment that was causing his blurry and poor vision in his right eye. We refer to this eye as his “good” eye because the left one has undergone several retinal repairs, which we call his “bad” eye.   Hubby had a minor laser surgery to “weld” the retina back in place. On his right “formerly good” eye.