How I Stay Focused?

Blurry GirlWell, to answer the question – about as good as my camera does.

Some photos are crisp and balanced. Some photos look like they were taken during an earthquake. My granddaughter is even gorgeous during an earthquake, don’t you think?

I can usually focus on a task in my office at work. Ask Ed, whose office is down the hall from mine. It’s like I have blinders on. People pass by my office, break time comes and goes, I forget to eat, I lose all track of time. Ed laughs at me. For some reason my “stress mode” as he calls it, is entertaining. Whatever.

Most of the time any distraction whatsoever will derail my train of thought and I have to wait for the next one. Trying to post every day has been a challenge and I should write in the morning instead of at 11:00pm when I am worn out and ready for bed. I am a morning person. Even if I am up watching movies with my mom because she can’t sleep and needs company until 3:00am I am awake by 7:00am. It sucks on days I want to sleep in.

Working at home (actually my mother’s home) has been an experience. Basically, if I can’t fit in my days work before mom wakes up, not much will get done. Constant focus interruptuss, if you will. So, because my employer is paying me to work I do that in the morning and I run out of time to blog. Until late in the evening when my brain is practically useless. Yawn. I will try to focus on a solution to this problem.

In the morning.