What It Is, Man

I promised that this Thursday’s Giggles & Bits post would reveal the mystery of  “What Can It Be?”


Sorry dear readers, but it is not a tortilla. Quite a few of you guessed that one and if I didn’t know better I would have guessed that too. One reader thought it was foam on an Orange Julius – a fabulous guess, but alas, you are wrong.

A backed away from the pan view, reveals my latest culinary disaster: WartyCake

This is supposed to be a white birthday cake.  Every ingredient is edible. I followed the recipe to the letter. My kids may not believe it, but I did everything the recipe called for, without any substitutions. It was a very picky recipe that took using four mixing bowls so you did not mix ingredients until it said so.  No recipe ever told me to grind (in a food processor) granulated sugar before, but I did it. I did everything correctly.
And this is the thanks I get…
I had just cleaned my oven last week so the window on the oven door was sparkly. Meaning I had a perfect view into the oven where I watched in horror while lumps and bumps began rising out of the once smooth batter. I bet that this was not the expected behavior. My not-so-lovely cake had warts and craters. At some angles it looked like the surface of the moon.

As I agonized and whined, hubby laughed. By the time it finished baking I had giggled a few times myself, while vowing to never be caught without a Betty Crocker cake mix in my pantry. Making cakes from scratch is overrated and (apparently) impossible for me.

On a positive note, there is more than one way to fix a cake.


Just because something is ugly does not mean it tastes bad!
(and visa-versa)
♥  TTFN  ♥

W.W.W.C Countdown

No, I’m not talking about the World Wide Wrestling Championships.

The reason for the above disclaimer, is because strangers assumed that was what the  ‘WWWC  X’  on the back of our beach cover-ups meant.  Look at us. We are sun worshipers and ladies of good reputation.  Some of us are in great shape, but come on! Do we look like wrestlers? Was it because our cover-ups all matched? (Thanks again Eddie, Maker of Fabulous Event Shirts)

The WWWC that I’m talking about is Woman’s Weekend Without Children.  Our kids called it Wild Women’s Weekend Camp-out. How did they know?! This year my BFF reserved a lakefront cabin at one of Missouri’s finer resorts.



This place, inhabited by women only, will feel like paradise. Offspring  are left at home with daddy’s and grandpa’s. Only in-utero children are allowed. And absolutely NO MEN. Not even male drive-byes or twilight visits. Four glorious days of doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Taking care of only ourselves. No compromises with other family members. A long weekend devoid of  “Mommy!” and  “MOMMMMMMM!”  Devoid of  “Honey, where’s the ___?”  or “What have you done with my _?”

I am ecstatic that I’m (finally) able to get to WWWC this year.  It has been over 10-years, which is WAY, WAY too long. I have missed so much that I won’t “get” most of the private jokes and past references. I hate that.

If you are a woman reading this, and are not sitting on the edge of your seat, anxious to hear more, then you must be single.  Single women are rarely invited because they already have a WWWC lifestyle, and are not able to truly appreciate the perks. Or understand where any of us are coming from. Well, same to you, Sister.

Meals at WWWC are whatever I bring to eat. And, the best part is that I don’t have to consider anyone else’s aversion to beans, fear of green food, or picking mushrooms out of anything that has them in it. The thought crosses my mind to make bean, spinach and mushroom soup, thankfully, it passes quickly. I can cook (and eat!) fish without listening to “Eww!” or “Gross!!” I can be lazy and plan already made meals like deli-wraps and packaged salads.

When I’m finished eating, I wash up my place setting and put away any leftovers. Another gal takes my seat at the table and enjoys her meal while chatting with table-mates that come and go.

And guess what??   Nobody cleans up after anyone else – because it isn’t necessary.

What a concept!

W.W.W.C.  X – Navarre Beach, Florida

I hope I’m not pushing the secrecy rule by using  WWWC  X  photos for this post.  I use them only because we all Look. So. Damn. Hot.  Who doesn’t want to be seen looking hot?

I normally give credit to my photographer(s), however, for the life of me I can’t remember who took the pix.

I must have finished that thermos of martinis before the photo-op…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Sing Yourself Into the Christmas Spirit


Hubby and I had tickets had tickets to see the Columbus Community College Chorus with Orchestra perform on Friday night.  Since we had to go to the big city (Sonora) for the concert, we decided to make a day out of it and finish up Christmas shopping,  have a nice dinner, then relax and enjoy some music.

The Choir performed classic pieces, traditional Christmas carols, and a surprise. They, and their orchestra, were beyond awesome.

After the first set in the program, the conductor, John Carter, turned to face the audience and told us  “Now it’s your turn.” Say What?  As he directed, we sang. The choir members left the stage to take a break during this time. Either that, or we were really awful.

Do all Christmas concerts have sing-a-longs? This was my first, so I had no idea what to expect.  The music was the popular traditional carols, everyone over 5-years old knows, like Deck the Halls, Silent Night, etc. I have not sung with a conductor before. It really helps everyone stay in tempo and we didn’t sound bad. I think.

Hubby sat next to me on my right side. I love when he sings! His sexy baritone voice – well – none of your business – that’s what. Ahem..  The man seated next to me on the left, had a wonderful alto voice that he was very proud of.  He sang so LOUD,  I could not hear myself sing.  I had to be off-key most of the time. There’s always something going on around me.

Despite the little annoyances, we had a fun time, met some nice people, and we got to sing in public with an orchestra and conductor!  My Christmas Spirit got a needed boost.

You may have noticed that this blog is more Christmas-y  now. I changed the lay-out for the holidays. I don’t know about my loyal readers, but I was getting BORED with the scrapbook look.

Who knows what insanity will look like in January…  😉