15 Seconds of Fame, Sort of

I say “sort of” because I personally was not on TV, but someone mentioned me during their TV interview. Not by name however, so
only a handful of people know it was I who was mentioned, but that doesn’t bother me. The point is – I am thrilled and very proud!

The interviewee is my granddaughter that plays football. I may have mentioned her once or twice in this blog over the years – HA!  If you are bored with my talented granddaughters, you don’t have to play the video…

Speaking about football…

Super Bowl Sunday this weekend.

Pardon me for not being excited. Oh, I will watch the game, of course, cheering on the Rams (and #33, Justin Davis, who does not know me but I worked with his Dad, Eric…), hoping to end old What’s his Name’s streak of terror. I certainly hope the commercials are better than last year. Do you remember any of last year’s? Exactly.

It’s been a long dry-spell, being a 49er Faithful. They will come back strong, I honestly believe. Despite their management.  Until then, I watch the games and cheer them on, like a good fan.


There are many things to rant and complain about the NFL that has nothing to do with the 49ers.  PLEASE find commentators that talk about the game being played at the time. As for network camera men & women – stop showing so many close-ups of the stands and the sidelines, and film the game. Remember the game being played on the field? Film THAT!  We do not want to hear about whatever it is that you must squeeze in before commercial break. Stop paying these guys per word – tell them to slow down. They do not have to say every silly fact and stat coming over the teleprompters.

Don’t interrupt players and coaches with inane questions on their way to the locker room. These people are in no mood to chit-chat, their heads are in the Game. Period.

Oh – don’t even mention the referee’s to me now – they are a whole rant unto themselves.


I really enjoy going to The Nevada Union Junior Miners games, when I am in Grass Valley.  The 8 and under’s are my favorite team. It is so rewarding to cheer for a team that is kicking butt. I also find them adorably cute, but I would never say so in front of them.

These 6-8 year old’s are serious about football. They are pushed to the limit at the first practice of the year (I’m talking crying and begging here…) because the coaches are serious too.

Oh, and the lady announcer is awesome. She knows what she is talking about, football wise, AND the kids names.  There are NO commentators chattering in the booth, making ridiculous statements about things they do not understand. Or other games they have seen with other players playing in them. Sometimes having a low-budget can be a good thing.

No matter where you sit in the Stadium your ticket costs you five bucks. You read right – $5 front row on the 50-yard line. Parking is free and there is plenty of it. No salary caps needed – no salaries.

Did I mention they have a snack bar? Good fresh coffee & all the gross junk foods you can think of. And some you wouldn’t even!


♥  TTFN  ♥

She, Who Does Not Fetch

I want to sit at my computer, sipping coffee all day and write. My Novel is nearing another editing phase and I need to bring all the ends together. Things get ignored – housework, my hubby, my dog. Hubby is busy with his own happy things and barely notices, but my puppy needs way more attention. Or she’s tearing up things she knows she shouldn’t just to get it.

If I use my laptop and sit in the family room she is content to lay next to my chair and just hang. But a puppy can only hang for so long. Suddenly it’s football rodeo time. She is running willy-nilly, crouching down, springing up, attacking her futon. Then she tosses her stuffed football and catches it a few times before flinging it my way.

Nothing can get one’s attention better than getting bopped in the head by a stuffed football. So of course I toss the ball back to her, and she watches it fall to the floor in front of her. Then she looks up at me to see what I’ll do next. She, who does not fetch.

It’s a Bernese Mountain Dog trait – not fetching. They are above the whole go-get-it-and-bring-it-back thing. They believe if we toss it away, we don’t want it. If I do want it, I can just go get it myself.

If I feel like it, I will go and pick up the toy and toss it to her again. She watches me intently. She has no desire to play ball again, but my behavior must amuse her, because she smiles and wags her tail. No doubt thinking “what an idiot!”

After 2 1/2 years, last night I got it. I knew I got it because I recognized the joy on Ziva’s face that happens when I understand what she wants. I too get excited. You have to be there, ya know?

I’ll get to the point.

Last night I tossed  Ziva her round stuffed ball (football season is over now) and she caught it, flipped her head back and tossed it right back at me. I had time to catch it and toss it back her direction. It was a bit high – no problem for her, she jumped and grabbed it, tossing it in one quick motion and I missed it. I am not as gifted and flexible as my pup.

I retrieved the ball from under the dining room table and tossed it. Ziva ignored it. Although she was still wagging her tail and smiling – the spell had broken. The ball had literally dropped. Game over. Until she decides to start another one.

She, who does play catch.

♥ TTFN ♥