Insulin Pump Saga: Paperwork

Now that the hardest part is over   Paperwork Mountian(making a decision), you need to fill out the many forms to apply for the pump of your choice.

And I don’t mean the pump manufacturer’s forms. (Those are a breeze, and you have phone numbers to call or their websites to visit.) It’s your doctor’s Medical Facility that runs the background check on you. They don’t really need to do that after you have filled out their 12-page form.

Then… You need to sign up for pump-initiation classes. These are only held once a month, and NEVER are they convenient. Like on the day your husband has surgery, or your aunt’s 90th birthday, 2 states away.

It’s not like I can just drop in to take a make-up class. I drive for 3-hours just to get to the training facility. An hour or two there, then 3-hours home, usually in the dark. Yes, I know. “Have a little cheese with your whine,” you are thinking – and rightly so.

Somehow when I’m tired and run down, my rants morph into whines. As a mother, I learned quickly how irritating whining is when you listen to it. Or, in this case read it.

So I will send myself to bed for some much-needed post-holiday sleep. Right after I finish up some paperwork.  😉


Um, Where Was I?

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause

Did I forget to mention the forgetfulness? It would not surprise me…

I tend to be a little absent-minded when I’m focused (obsessed?) on one particular task. However, I am starting to forget the unforgettable, and this scares me.  What I mean is, forgetting important things in my daily routine, like taking the medication I’m supposed to, when I’m supposed to. Because it’s what is keeping me alive.

Earlier this week I did my morning routine and got to work on time as usual. About an hour later it suddenly occurred to me that I had not given myself my morning dose of insulin. Holy crap!

“What is wrong with me?!” I asked myself, in my whiny voice.

“Why can’t I remember anything?” I later asked my doctor.  She tells me it’s just another symptom of – you guessed it – menopause.

I want to menoSTOP !. This menopausing thing is not working out so well. Those people who tell me, “Oh, it’s not going to kill you”, do not know what they are talking about. Because it could.

Hubby says I just have Alzheimer’s, which only runs in his family, BTW. I would find that amusing, except now I’m worried about his mental state. What is he forgetting? Our 23rd anniversary is quickly approaching.

He better not forget that 😉

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