When I Look Back on 2020

I don’t want to dwell on the heartache, loneliness, or anxieties. I want to let go of the resentment I had about people breaking the “rules” and doing whatever they wanted. I was jealous, yet I had to listen to my conscience and follow the instructions given by state governors, the White House.

Everything I looked forward to in 2020 was canceled. Mostly family fun time with my best friend and the exclusive time with my granddaughters over the summer. It’s the little, simple times together – like playing cards, watching movies, Oscar night, and being silly.

Hey! I think that may be an answer for many of us. Things are so serious now. News is not worth watching unless you want the weather forecast. They are usually wrong about that anyway. Where did my silliness go? I need some back, to help me feel normal again. Maybe it’s time for a Jeff Dunham marathon? Nobody is as silly as Peanut, right?

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing a Jeff Dunham special, the time is NOW. Other comedians on my “best of” list: Sinbad, Jim Gaffigan, and Louie Anderson. Lewis Black is a big favorite of mine. Probably because he is such a good ranter (is that a word?) I can forgive his occasional use of foul language because, well, I love him. I love the fact that his parents are at the show and laugh so hard – even at their own expense.

Okay then. You have your assignment this week. Find comedians that make you laugh and feel good. Search on YouTube for Jeff Dunham and meet Peanut. If you have HBO or Showtime channels there’s a good chance of finding comedians. Prime Video is an excellent source.

Y’all have an excellent & Silly week


If I Had My Own Reality TV Show

I hate TV Reality Shows.

ALL of them are dumb, and some dumber than most. I would have to be threatened with bodily harm to write/produce one. But for the sake of this topic let’s pretend that I have been, and so I am.

My show would be the reality show that reality show haters will watch. After all, we haters need shows too.

Reality TV is Dumb, is a game show where the Host shows the Panel of Judges (also the audience) clips from last weeks reality TV shows. A short snip-it of each show – at it’s dumbest moment.  The Panel, comprised of comedians and 1 lucky audience member, discuss the various shows (makes fun of them mostly). Then there is a vote to select which show is the most annoying and ridiculous of them all. That show is voted off and will not be part of my show anymore.

My dream cast would be:

Host:  Robin Williams  

Panelist #1: Lily Tomlin 

Panelist #2: Ron White 

Panelist #3: Jeff Dunham & Achmed

Panelist #4:  Carrot Top

Guest Panelist: audience member who was chosen from raffle ticket drawing.

I can’t decide if the raffle tickets are gratis or if they are sold for $1.00 and proceeds donated to the winner’s cause of choice.

OK. I have done this. Reality TV has one more show. This brings the total  to 670. Not only do I find that scary, but it’s ridiculous!

Don’t believe me? See the list for yourself…





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