Truths I Have Learned


I do not claim to be wise, but I do know some things …

  • Time always flies – whether you are having fun or not.
  • Don’t cook Mexican food while on pain medication.
  • If you sense something is not a good idea – you’re usually right.
  • Your mom is always right.  (Dammit!)
  • Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend – her dog is.
  • Never fry bacon naked.
  • Make a will! Probate is an awful thing to inherit.
  • Smile more
  • Give yourself permission to do what you love.
  • Do not change yourself for somebody else
  • Think for yourself and beware of media coverage


♥  TTFN  ♥

Jodi Lea

12 Things Your Cruise Line Won’t Tell You

PrincessCruiseShip  A dozen little things we learned along the way the hard way…

  1. As soon as you get your itinerary, get on the cruise lines webpage, and verify you have the cabin you want.
  2. Not sure what you want? The ideal cabin is mid-ship, accommodates two people only (otherwise you get bunk beds nailed to each side of your room), and has a balcony. A balcony costs more, but then, what doesn’t?
  3. Repeat after me -“Nothing is included, except the cuisine.”
  4. Pack food and water in your carry-on bag. You won’t mind how heavy it is when you are stuck in a 3-hour security line.
  5. You do NOT look awful! It’s your cabin lighting. Or lack of.
  6. The open ocean is more active than coastal waters. Take Dramamine 1st thing when you wake up on ‘Days at Sea’. Trust me.
  7. You will start showering, using one arm to wash and the other for balance. Two weeks later, I am still doing this.
  8. WiFi internet access is now offered on ships. For the bargain price of $.79/minute.  [Again – See #3].
  9. Coffee is included – except in the coffee bar.
  10. The elevators are always full and very slow, so take the stairs. Less strain and more calories burned.
  11. Travel with friends and family. Bonding occurs while everyone goes through enjoys the same experience.
  12. Don’t stress about packing. You will bring the wrong things, regardless.

One more thing – cruising is a blast, yet not all cruise lines are alike. Do some research and find what you want   😉

Good Luck & Bon Voyage!!


photo credit: Port  via photopin cc



Day One: Going Live

Well, class this morning was early. Unlike most morning classes I PumpClasshad when I was a full-time student, this class was exciting. Maureen, the trainer, is friendly, and easy going. Even though the subject is life & death serious, we had fun while I learned some things I hadn’t before. And I have dealt with diabetes for 9-years. It is a complicated chronic disease.

Because I was her only student and the training center is a 2-hour drive away, and Maureen lived closer to us, we had today’s class at home. I’m so glad we arranged this because I was nervous enough about going ‘live’ with insulin without a 2-hour drive and a strange place. I did really well and my blood sugar is spot-on (so far).

The only issue I had during the practice phase was my nemesis the syringe. And guess what?  I was not doing something I knew how to do with normal syringes – priming them.  You need to push up and down with the plunger a few times before attempting to insert air/draw out insulin. This loosens up the plunger. Besides feeling like an idiot, I was so happy that it was an easy issue to fix.

Tomorrow’s class will have to be at the facility because I need to meet with my doctor afterwards, to go over my log book and make any corrections to my dose, if necessary.

Meanwhile… the rest of the afternoon/evening/bedtime I must test my blood sugar every 1-2 hours, and from midnight to 6:00am I must get out of bed three times to test as well. If my fingers don’t hate me now, they will after 2-days of this! I get to taper off some, but not much for the first couple months.

Now I am officially “on the pump”. The only insulin I am getting is via the little Pod attached to my abdomen. The Pod is my pancreas, and it is remote-controlled. My granddaughter’s are fascinated, especially the (almost) 4-year old. She wanted to look at the Pod, and constantly touch it. She calls it “grandma’s boob”.

🙂  This thing will take some getting used to, for everyone…