What Love Means…

LoveStory  Remember that obnoxious line from the movie “Love Story”?
Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Seriously??  How lame is that?  People actually thought that movie was so romantic and heart wrenching.  Ali MacGraw was a Total Bitch from the first scene on. I could not believe that Ryan O’Neal took her crap. Frankly, I was happy she died at the end. There. I said it out loud. Some things just need to be said. And “I’m Sorry” is one of them!

Love means wanting to say you’re sorry. You say “Oh, sorry!” to the stranger you bumped into at Starbucks this morning. Why wouldn’t you apologize to the person you love when you did (or didn’t do) something and disappointed them?

Speaking of which, I apologize for my tirade. As far as “Love Story” goes – I don’t think any less of you if you enjoyed that movie.  My girlfriends said they “loved it”, even though they cried half of the time. What I enjoyed was the popcorn and Junior Mints I munched on, while promising myself to never treat a man (or anyone) so crappy.

There are a million different ways to show your love for someone. And they don’t have to be large productions, skywriting, or things you see in the movies (although I LOVE that corny stuff!)

“It’s the little things that mean a lot”
Drew Barrymore, in “The Wedding Singer.”

To me, Love means,

  • Not leaving the house without a kiss goodbye.
  • Biting your tongue when his friends annoy you.
  • Keeping the cookie jar filled with his favorites.
  • Taking walks together and talking about silly stuff.
  • Knitting or sewing while watching his “American Rifleman” episodes.
  • Stoking up the fireplace when you’re not cold, but she is.
  • Making popcorn four times a week (or more) just because she loves it.
  • Putting them first, instead of yourself
  • Never holding a grudge. Telling them your side of it – then letting it go.

I bet you have some that you would like to share with us.  So, Please send me  (or comment on), what you feel love means.

I want to post them in tomorrow’s blog for Valentine’s Day!      Sorry for the really late notice, but sometimes that’s just how it goes…