The Journey To The Other Side

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

That goodness it’s nearly over. I feel overly aware myself.  I passed along this awareness to co-workers, Crazy Chicks and my dear readers, so I feel like I did my part. Now I can begin research on October’s subjects of awareness. There’s got to be one more fun…

(If you haven’t had enough – More about menopause at

Journey to the Other SideAs I journey to the other side (of youth and womanhood), I keep fighting what is happening to my body and my mind. The more I fight, the unhappier I become. Inside I feel 30-years old, but now my body is telling me it’s a lot older than that. Not subtlety either.

For example, this week my bad (“bulging” is the term the spine doctor uses) disc screams at me when I chose to change my position slightly. I say “Oh!”, “Yikes!”, “Eek!” very often. Occasionally, a sharp and sudden pain warrants a good old-fashioned “#&*%@!!” or even a “*&^#$$@@!” – yelled out loud at great volume. The sharp pain I expect (because I attempt to move), warrants those words, but mostly they stay in my brain and don’t exit my mouth.

The only thing I want hubby to do to me is massage my neck (it tenses when disc acts up). That and fetch my ice-pack and 800 mg of Ibuprofen when it’s time for them. It’s probably time for a spinal steroid injection again. That is a whole different blog post in itself.

This is not the romantic week-end hubby and I looked forward to all week. Sigh. Contrary to what young people think, it isn’t being married a long time that dulls the desire to have sex.

It’s the pain.

17 Reasons My Man Should Live in Fear

September is National Menopause Awareness Month (in case you forgot)…

  1. Irregular menstrual periods
  2. Hot flashes and night sweats
  3. Disturbed sleep patterns, insomnia  The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause
  4. Anxiety
  5. Significant mood changes
  6. Depression
  7. Dry skin
  8. Irritability
  9. Vaginal dryness and pain with sexual intercourse
  10. Difficulty concentrating
  11. Trouble remembering things
  12. Diminished interest in sex
  13. Frequent urination or leaking of urine
  14. Headaches
  15. Achy joints
  16. Fatigue
  17. Early morning awakening

Even though I’m not having much fun now, I know that once I’ve made it to the other side this crap will go away.  At least most of it – please Lord?!

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary and my man gave me what he gave me last year (a card) – minus the card. Sigh. He should be living in fear (there are 18 reasons now), but he is too clueless to be afraid, and that really pisses me off!  (19th reason).

Perhaps he’s not afraid, because he leaves Weds. to spend a week up at our new place working on his shop (a.k.a. Man Cave). He will have a whole week without his menopausal woman and I bet he is looking forward to it, the brat! (20th reason). He forgets that I will also have a week without supervision. A week that I can get rid of crap he will never use, but won’t toss out. A week to weed out ridiculous clothing. Oh yes, and a week to go shopping for my anniversary present.  😉

Um, Where Was I?

September is National Menopause Awareness Month

The 7 Dwarfs Of Menopause

Did I forget to mention the forgetfulness? It would not surprise me…

I tend to be a little absent-minded when I’m focused (obsessed?) on one particular task. However, I am starting to forget the unforgettable, and this scares me.  What I mean is, forgetting important things in my daily routine, like taking the medication I’m supposed to, when I’m supposed to. Because it’s what is keeping me alive.

Earlier this week I did my morning routine and got to work on time as usual. About an hour later it suddenly occurred to me that I had not given myself my morning dose of insulin. Holy crap!

“What is wrong with me?!” I asked myself, in my whiny voice.

“Why can’t I remember anything?” I later asked my doctor.  She tells me it’s just another symptom of – you guessed it – menopause.

I want to menoSTOP !. This menopausing thing is not working out so well. Those people who tell me, “Oh, it’s not going to kill you”, do not know what they are talking about. Because it could.

Hubby says I just have Alzheimer’s, which only runs in his family, BTW. I would find that amusing, except now I’m worried about his mental state. What is he forgetting? Our 23rd anniversary is quickly approaching.

He better not forget that 😉

Read more about menopause.