The Dirty Birds Aren’t Flying (to the Super Bowl)

Championship Win

Remember when I told you a couple of weeks ago how it was going to go down?  Well,  Hot Damn!!  I was right.  Those 49ers can really make a comeback. They scared me in the first half.  Actually it was the Falcons that scared me – they seemed invincible. Don’t even get me started about that Julio Jones fellow.

Although officially named “Super Bowl XLVII”, the game will be called the “Har-Bowl”.  In case you don’t follow football (WHAT!?), the 49ers coach and the Ravens coach are brothers. Their last name is Harbaugh. This cracks me up for some reason.

Which team will mom and pop Harbaugh root for this year?  That is what I am wanting to know. 😉

    GO  NINERS!  49er-logo