Fearful Answers

I normally don’t respond to Q.A. , however I enjoy Willow’s answers to her own questions so much, that I thought she may like to see mine…

Fearful questions

December 6, 2017

It’s been a long time since I’ve asked questions, and I had these floating around in my mind.

  1. Do you now, or have you ever, looked behind a closed shower curtain before using the bathroom?

Only in hotels!

  1. Do you look in your back seat — or taking it further, under your car — before getting in to drive?

The back seat most of the time. Under the car? No. Up to now.

  1. Do you have a safety ritual before going to bed at night? i.e. checking the doors, windows, locks, or setting an alarm…

The back seat most of the time. Under the car? No. Up to now.

  1. When you leave your house or car, do you check the locks more than once, or are you satisfied that you’ve locked the door the first time?

I only check twice if I’m not focused on what I’m doing

  1. Do you answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number? Why or why not?

Sometimes when I’m not sure the number is someone I know. Both my home phone and my cell phone get annoying recorded scam messages throughout the day. You know, those ones from “The IRS” “The FBI” telling me there is a warrant for my arrest for tax fraud. Can’t the FCC do something??

  1. In what setting — urban/suburban/rural — would you feel the least comfortable walking alone? Does the time of day matter?

Urban at night. Day not so much.

  1. If you found yourself walking alone, would you avoid small groups of suspicious-looking people? How about a singular suspicious looking person?

Yes. I watch too many law enforcement TV shows.

  1. Do you have a plan or way to determine if someone is following you or if someone is just walking behind you? What would you do if someone started following you?

I do not have a plan, although I would like to find out how you can tell. If someone was following me, I would pray and duck into a business if possible.

  1. What would you do if you notice the same car driving behind you for a significant period of time?

Am I in a car? If I was walking and someone followed me with their car I would report it to the police. This actually happened to me walking home from high school – some guy in a red car followed me and tried to convince me to let him give me a ride home. Same guy, a different day – same deal. We lived next door to a deputy Sheriff and my mom wanted him to file a report. I did not see him again until over a year later. This spooked me greatly!

  1. If you drove up to your house and the front door was standing open though you clearly remember closing and locking it, would you go inside?


  1. What would you do if you drove up to your house and found a stranger there, clearly waiting for you to come home?

I would drive somewhere else & pretend I didn’t live there.

  1. Do you have plans in place for emergencies (fire, flood, etc.)? Have you ever had to use them?

Where I live (the western slope of the Sierras) we have “rules” about preparing your property for fire season. Hubby and I also have a plan.

  1. Do empty parking lots/parking garages make you nervous?

Of course! The person walking to their car in an empty garage ALWAYS gets it.

  1. Do you tend to forward emails/messages that urge people to beware of this, that, or the other thing, or is Snopes.com (and similar sites) your friend?

I hate the forwarding thing! I always refer people who send that hooey to me to Snopes.com.

  1. If you have a dog, or dogs, and they start barking at nothing you can see, does it make you anxious?

Yes – especially since I have a dog that normally doesn’t bark.

  1. Do you close your curtains at night?

You bet!

  1. How do you feel about the state of humankind in general?

We need a lot of TLC and Help.


Snow Math: 6-inches In Sonora = 1-foot in Arnold

We had an unplanned trip down the mountain to Sonora today,  so I ended up watching the snowstorm hit through the ophthalmologist’s office windows. Oh man, it was awesome. Huge flakes and small flakes poured from the sky, as if the angels were having a marathon pillow fight.

The snow did not stop coming down the entire 2-hours I sat there. I was already nervous about my hubby’s condition, and now I worried we wouldn’t get home. If it was snowing down here at 2,000 feet, Lord only knew what was happening in Arnold at 4000 feet .

When we left the doctor’s office there was 6-inches piled up. The roads were passable, if you could get around the stuck cars. It was also getting dark quickly. It took and an hour and a half to get to Parrots Ferry road, and another 40 minutes to highway 4. The snow plows had been at work so the highway was snow free. Now we could go 25-miles per hour!

It was scary because the snow was already filling in the scraped pavement as we went up the mountain. That, and on-coming traffic lights blinded hubby and I was in charge of keeping us on the road. That drive seemed to drag on forever.

When we finally got to Arnold, the roads seemed chosen at random whether to be plowed or not.  Our street was not one of the chosen. Hubby, of course, had his big-assed truck (Ford F-150) with 4-wheel drive, so we were able to make it up our twisty road.  Thank God a large truck  turned around at the dead-end, otherwise we would have had no sign of where the street even was. There was over a foot of snow blanketing the roads and drop-offs equally.

Now sitting in a chair by the wood-burning stove, talking to you guys, I can relax. Maybe. My nerves were strung tighter than a hooker’s dress for 5-hours. It’s too dark to take pictures, so I’m going to bed now. Good-Night & Sleep Not-so-tight,

BTW – Hubby’s eye is doing better now – the surgeon said he had a small retinal detachment that was causing his blurry and poor vision in his right eye. We refer to this eye as his “good” eye because the left one has undergone several retinal repairs, which we call his “bad” eye.   Hubby had a minor laser surgery to “weld” the retina back in place. On his right “formerly good” eye.