This WAS the News…

I LOVE the small county I live in!

These gems were published here in the past, but in honor of my latest (welcome!) readers, I’m sharing one of the many reasons I love this county…

The following newspaper clips are genuine published posts from our local paper …


And my personal favorite:



Future tid-bits will be shared as I find them…

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Hanes Announces New Line Of Athletic Socks


Hanes®, the leader in sock sales in the United States, will be competing with Nike and Reebok for a place among the manufacturers of wardrobe for professional athletes.

“We’re very excited here at Hanes,” said Richard Noll, Hanes CEO. “Our new product has been tested with athletes in every sport that requires the wearing of socks. They will NOT fall down.

He went on to explain about Hanes’ new elasticizing method that keeps socks up better than the current athletic socks. Not only that, but inside the socks are woven fibers that support an athletes feet, like a women’s support hose would do. His praise made this reporter want to run out and buy some.

“It’s only a formality now,” said Mr. Noll. “Every team will want these superb socks.” “We (Hanes) plan to ship a case of them to the 49ers running back, Frank Gore, who was fined by the NFL during the NFC Championship game because one of his socks had fallen down.”

That fine, inspired a research scientist (and big-time fan of the San Francisco 49ers) at  Hanes to create a non-falling sock. Because apparently, you aren’t properly dressed if your socks are down. The debut of the new socks is on-hold pending NFL approval.

Seriously – would you mess with this guy?  FrankGore






This could be News, but it isn’t right now.

Is 4,000 feet high enough?

Today’s news reported from The Pine Tree:

Lots of Critters Down Low….Mamma Bear and Cub Just Above San Andreas

Posted by: thepinetree on 08/27/2012 12:26 PM
Mountain Ranch, CA…We had a call this morning from a viewer that had a momma bear and her cub in his back yard on Michel Road between San Andreas and Mountain Ranch. There have been many, many mountain lion and now bear sightings at very low levels so be aware and don’t be surprised if you see mother nature up close and personal.

Yikes!  Just how close is “up close and personal?” Some of the local residents (like me) live 3 feet away from a forest. I suspect that would count as up close and personal. Especially when the forest is usually where they come from when they decide to go “down low”.

There goes my promise to start hiking every morning.  I’d rather not get my daily exercise running from mountain lions, bears or whatever Oh My! that comes down the mountain.

I keep feeling like I’m starring in one of those “B” movies about a small town getting into a panic about an impending doom. Like fire. Wild animals. What-not. I don’t dare ask “what happens next?”

I heard some weird howly, growly sounds last night. I whispered to hubby, “do you think that’s a bear?”

“It sounds like a Yeti to me,” he whispered back.

.Yeti Sighting
photo credit: JoshNV via photo pin cc