Are We Having Fun Yet?

Candlestick Park

That would be a big, resounding, “NO!”

The 49er Faithful have suffered much these last few years. The management fires Harbaugh, then changes coaches every year. Our beloved core players sign with other teams, retire, or get traded. This year is no exception – a new coach and a lot of new players. I’m usually disappointed in management, but never disappointed with the players.

Until now.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in showing solidarity and fighting against injustice. Protesting something is your right as an American. I just want you to do your protesting somewhere else, on your own time. At a game, you are on NFL’s and your fans time. Not standing during our National Anthem is a negative thing – I don’t care how you rationalize it.  This country does not oppress people of color, or anything else. People do that. Bullies in low and high places.  You are an American. Stand proud. A nation is watching you.

I’ll tell you who’s oppressed, Mr. Kaepernick – your fans!  We pay for tickets, memorabilia and  merchandise.  It is your fans that allow you to have the ridiculous salaries, and new stadiums. Why? So we can watch football and enjoy the competition, the energy, and the love of the game. Now, during what used to be entertaining and exciting, we have politics in our face.

Now that you have the Nation’s attention, as well as the cover of Time Magazine, what is your plan to change things?  You might start with changing your hair-do. Cut it or corn-row it. We get that you are Black, so please,  – lose the fro, bro! It looks silly.  Seriously.

I am a 49er Faithful – but I am not happy about it.  Basically, this whole thing makes me depressed. It’s football season, but we aren’t having any fun yet. The 49er’s 2016-17 Season has been ruined.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Jodi Lea


Negative Rooting, Like Crime, Doesn’t Pay

It was a good idea at the time. Too bad it didn’t work.

If you’ve ever been here (this blog) before, you know I am a raving 49er Fan, so why did I throw a playoff game party? And even worse than that… we rooted for the Green Bay Packers. It made me feel trashy and disloyal.

Have I lost my mind?  I know, it goes against my cheese-head hating self, but the bottom line is – we didn’t want the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl. Those guys are too damn cocky. They are a helluva good team and everyone knows it. They don’t need to be cocky. But yet, they are.

It was a good plan, a good party & fun with family. I’m very happy I did not bet on that game.  Those Seahawks will be going to the super bowl again.  And there is nothing you or I can do about it.

Dirty Look
Say It Isn’t So!!

I sure was hoping that the Colts could keep ahead of the Patriots, for the game. Coach for the Patriots must have gotten his team worked up at half time. I would suspect a powerful and moving pep-talk or something, however, that’s old school now. The new school is tampering. Tampering with scholarships, favors, yada-yada. And now on the Fox News I find out someone is tampering with the balls.  Just removing some air from the footballs – enough to make the balls more supple, allegedly, this makes the throwing and receiving of the ball easier.  Of course, this completely screws the team’s place kicker & punter – because deflated balls have no lift.

Trust me on that.

What I don’t understand is – why these playoff balls aren’t kept away from both teams by the NFL.  The balls, picked out by each team, get weighed and measured by officials, then they are given to the Ball Boys (who, BTW, work for the Stadium). That is a lot of opportunity for evil forces to tamper with the balls before the game. Who “ball sits” during the game and at half-time? Do they stay with the ball boys, referees, team staff?  This Enquiring mind wants to know.

Wouldn’t there be a chance that the balls could get mixed up? And the Colts would get a flattish* ball?  Wait a minute – wasn’t there a messed up Field Goal attempt by the Colts?  Hmmm.  And why are teams allowed to manage their own balls?  Shouldn’t this be done by the NFL, to prevent just this sort of thing from happening?  Sheesh.

The Pat’s won the AFC championship and they are going to the Super Bowl. Too bad the only questions reporters are asking, have to do with what they are calling Deflate-Gate.

Personally, I am suspicious that the game balls were tested after the game. It doesn’t sound like a normal procedure to me. So… balls were inspected after the football game was over. On whose request? Someone knew something fishy was going on. Somebody tattled. Vows to “get to the bottom of this” are made. Songs are being written using “who let the air out?” in the lyrics, replacing “dogs”.

It reminds me of High School.


* flattish [flat esh]; adv. somewhat flat  [no lie, this definition is in the Webster’s Dictionary.  Hee Hee.

Strange Days

49er-logo I have watched football for over half of my life, and this is rapidly becoming the strangest NFL season. Ever. The fact that it is only Week 3 coming up makes me nervous.

First off, the number of flags flying at each game should not out-number the ones flying at the United Nations. Are this season’s referees having to pass required eye-exams? Are they being audited? New quotas?

What it looks like, from a fan’s point of view, is that one ref throws his flag, the others don’t want to look like they’re not paying attention, so they throw their flags. Then, they huddle together to decide just what the penalty is going to be, and who is going to get it. Has anyone else noticed this? Did they hire the ‘temp’ refs from last year? Remember those guys?

BTW – If you can help answer any of these questions – don’t be shy – write a comment and clue me in, would you?

I would like to know if it is ‘off-sides’ when a player turns his head.  Is it ‘encroachment’ when a player moves his feet to get better balance? AND, I REALLY  want to know if the ref’s actually believe the guy who jumps up and down, pointing, like a bratty sibling, trying to get the other team into trouble?  Seriously.

Then we hear about a new “rule” about “inappropriate language”.  ARE YOU  F@$%&*#!!  KIDDING ME?!?  Come on, NFL, have you never watched a game on TV?  Can’t you read lips?  EVERY player, coach, manager and water-boy curses about things gone wrong.  That means one team is cursing after every play. The FANS are probably using worse language than they are, should we expect flags to be thrown at us in the near future?

Even baby and toddler fans cuss during football! Little 49er Fan
You can’t read their lips, but I’m pretty sure when they remove their pacifiers to say something – it isn’t pretty.

And get this – the new ‘rule’ does not come with a “forbidden word list”. I believed Bob Costa when he told us the NFL’s take on this: “The ref’s ‘will know it when they hear it’ “, because that is too stupid to not be true.  Eventually a team will learn what is allowed and what is not by when they get penalized. How fun to play this little game, within a game?  Of course, the fans will never know what was actually said to get the penalty, and for some reason this makes me mad. I don’t care who says what to whom and that includes commentators. I want to watch the game. Can I just watch a game? Like in the ‘old days’ when you maybe see one re-play instead of  the same re-plays and commercials over and over until you miss the next play, by the way. But that is another rant for another day, because I’m still ranting about the game in Week 2.

For the record, I want to tell that referee (and you know who you are), that it was very un-cool to throw a flag at a Quarterback (for unsportsmanlike conduct: using ‘inappropriate language’), after he just threw an interception, and was getting harassed by the other team, and maybe some of his own teammates. What a humiliating slap in the face for Colin Kaepernick, and the 49ers, especially at their home-field.  You couldn’t let that word slide, just this one time?  You even seemed happy to nail Colin for something.  That is not impartial refereeing. I know that Jay Cutler said a few choice words during the first half of the game, and yet, you did nothing.


Well, I have had my say about that. Thank you for listening.

And, it isn’t only the referees making this season strange…

What’s up with The Oakland Raider’s, and THEN The San Diego Chargers, BEATING the Seattle Seahawks?  This is a happy, happy dance, development, of course, although it’s confusing as Hell. You can bet here will be many wagers on the 49ers December line up:

  1. Seahawks
  2. Raiders
  3. Seahawks
  4. Chargers

I’m not a betting kind of girl, but if I was, y’all know who my favorite would be. 😉
By December, we (the 49ers & their fans) should know what exactly causes flags to fly & what words not to say.  The rookie goofs and other issues will be all worked out by December.  I am confident Jim Harbaugh will shape and tighten things up, like he has in the past.

Colin, if you’re listening, your fans know that you are a superb athlete and quarterback, and no matter what the newspaper reporters or sportscasters say, WE LOVE YOU.  NO BUTS. NO EXCUSES.  We are NOT fair-weather fans, we are the Faithful.  Always.    🙂

I wonder if Coach Harbaugh will be foaming at the mouth more often, since he cannot curse. I only mention this because he is so damned fun to watch. Oh-No! Is damned a forbidden word?  No offense Coach, but it’s not like we can watch anything else, every camera on the field is focused on you. [ Maybe you can carry a handkerchief, and give us a wave sometime. Just sayin’.  We love you too!]

I have a feeling we will still be lip-reading this year. I have not gotten a yellow flag in my face yet, so “damned” may not be on the forbidden list. Either way…