Someone, Please Send Me a Clue

November is rapidly approaching and I am not enthusiastic about any of my ideas or former drafts.  I read through 300 writing prompts yesterday and none of them prompted me to write.  Not one.

I am so ready to move on to my next novel – I spent way too much time writing and re-writing my last one and I have learned my lesson – I need to create a detailed outline – and follow it.  I had an outline for the Involuntary Tourist, but I did not follow it closely. Then I  decided to change some things around and got totally lost.

The premise and the story were so exciting to me that it kept me going until the end. Ten years is a long time to be excited about something.

Now, I am excited about nothing.  I am finding that I have become impatient with my brain.  I want to have at least a month to develop my idea into a tight outline, so I’m ready for November.  I have a screenplay in the works, that I like, but I want to do something totally NEW and FRESH to me.

I have a ton of drafts, notes, and research done that is sitting around in my filing cabinet – like dust bunnies I am trying to ignore, but they won’t go away.  I have thought often about pitching them into our wood-burning stove during the winter.  Of course, I never do it.  After all, those ‘almost’ books are like children.

I do not perform well under pressure.  I need to stop trying so hard. The best ideas come to me when I least expect them.  Truth be told, they usually happen in the shower or on the pot.  Not glamorous, but there you have it.

I will keep you posted.


♥  TTFN  ♥


November is… National Novel Writing Month

At first, I did not want to participate again.

I was going to blow it off.  I usually end up not finding enough time to accomplish anything. So most of November, I agonize over deadlines, word count, not finishing the draft, yada, yada, who needs that?!

This year I plan to work every day of November. Whether it’s writing new chapters, organizing my outline, doing research, proofreading – it doesn’t matter.  As long as I’m making progress toward my goal (finishing the darned thing), I’m going to relax and have fun doing it.  Well, ‘fun’, might be a little optimistic, but the point is to not become a nervous wreck.

I can hear the laughter as my loyal readers, who know me so well, ask themselves, “doesn’t she say that every year?”  You could look that up if you want to. I do say something every year and that’s all I know.

It is into the Second day of NaNo – no additional word count today(yet), but I’m working on my outline to double-check my chapters. Don’t tell anyone but I got lost.  Sheesh.  I need to figure out a couple things and hopefully write tonight.

Not going to do much blog writing in November, although, I may post an occasional teaser on the “The Novel” page…

♥  TTFN  ♥

When Romance Takes Over

It, my book, started out fine. Things were flowing according to my master  Cherubsoutline and I kept writing and writing.   Then my main characters start falling in love. Dammit! Romance always gets me off topic, ignoring the Big Picture.

This happens in almost all of my fiction. Both novels and short stories. When I was a kid (I started writing when I was in grade-school), I wrote what I called ‘corny’ stories. Oh Lord, were they ever mushy girl stuff! Very fun to write, but the only person interested in reading them was me and my BFF who also loved to write mushy, corny stories that I enjoyed reading.

My mom would nag us to go outside and play. She thought we were very strange little girls who wanted to sit indoors at the kitchen table and write, when it was summer break and we were in sunny California.

Writing good love scenes requires imagination and a sense of fun. The amount of boyfriends or experience you’ve acquired, won’t help you write romance better. Unless you are going for the hot steamy details.

BFF and I were 11-year old girls, yet our love scenes were very tender and romantic. We didn’t need pornish* details. We were only interested in the romance. As we wrote about their first touch or their first kiss, we played out the scene in our heads, trying to feel what they were feeling.

Although we spent most of our time plotting romance, these stories were not “Romances” in the Harlequin sense. They were mysteries, thrillers, history and comedy all rolled up in one story or in separate stories.

When I return to work on my current book I should put the romance on the back burner and keep up with my research and the main story line. To stay on track with this project. I really, really want to do that!

Then again, I need a lot of romance in my life to stay happy. 😉


*Pornish [poor-nish]; adverb. When something has too much erotic detail.
– taken from the “Words That Should Exist Dictionary