Holy Heart Attack, Batman!

Candlestick Park
See Ya Next Week!

I am exhausted. I think I had 3 heart attacks during the last 5 minutes of that game. I don’t like my football so exciting – it makes me a nervous wreck. Especially as the leading score of the game changes teams three times after the 2 minute warning of the 4th quarter.  Totally insane. Totally Awesome!

I can’t begin to imagine how tired the 49ers are. They don’t know how tired yet, because they are not only in a post-win cloud, but a HUGE playoff game-win CLOUD.  Which they so deserve!  Celebrate your butts off tonight, guys! But it’s back to work on Monday. We really want to avoid what’s happening to Denver as I write this. Very sad. All the hoopla around Tebow, and then – it’s over.

Did you see the  tears?  The hugs? The ecstatic hopping and jumping?  It moved me.  Sniff….

Football is such an emotional experience.