What do you say?

Pictures Posters say a thousand words.


Somehow, I get a lot of posters, photos, and articles on Facebook. I don’t know the people who send them 80% of the time, and I don’t remember signing up for the things.

Lesson Learned: Beware of what you “Like” or click on.

Anyway, there are gems that come my way and I like to pass these along on my blog so you can “Like” them or comment without the NRA (or whoever) putting you on their list..

This fits me like a dirty glove!


Right, Ladies?
Right, Ladies?
You know who you are!!!
I nearly peed my pants 🙂

And I leave you with this thought…


♥  TTFN  ♥

Thursday’s Tid-Bits & Giggles

BeginSchoolYear  I found these posters on Facebook by various friends, at various times. Each has either made me giggle or laugh out loud. Who doesn’t need some of that these days?  🙂

We wouldn’t mind if he changed out in the open – would we ladies?



Got Gun?



This poster freaks me out. Probably because I will soon be living on the border of a National Forest. Bears live there, and I have a camera.

My husband however, has a gun safe and a couple rifles that may come in very handy up there in the mountains. The problem is –  he doesn’t carry guns around like I do my camera…

It is something I think about from time to time.