Learning The Hard Way

Candlestick Park

One more pre-season game left for the SF 49ers. I wonder what game plan coach Harbaugh has up his sleeve this week?  I’m glad that he did not succumb to peer pressure and make his 1st string play the whole time the Texan’s 1st string played. What is the logic in playing the guys you know will stay on the team? Let them practice during practice. That’s what it’s for.

Coach Harbaugh has some tough decisions to make soon. I do not envy that job! The rookies and new guys look great to me. If the guy is tough and puts forth tremendous effort, without being cocky – he’s a keeper in my book. Coach probably has more criteria to go by, but still it must be hard to make the cuts before the regular season begins.

I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s game (9/1/11) against the Chargers. Good thing the next day is my Friday off. This means my alarm won’t go off at 3:00 AM. I know I will be staying up late since the kick-off time is scheduled for my normal bedtime (7:00pm PT).

Yeah, I know my hours are disgusting. But it’s really nice to have most of the afternoon left to my own devices  🙂

Go Niners!