I Love You, Now Go Away!

Yet another NaNoWriMo tale…

Hubby and I took a road trip to Lake Havasu, AZ and spent Thanksgiving with his family. The 80 degree weather was fabulous. We literally drove 12 hours to summer!  Like a devoted writer, I brought the novel on a flash-drive with me. Just in case I had time to myself to kill. And could borrow my Sis-in-law’s computer. (I’m asking Santa for a laptop this year!)

No, I’m not blaming the holiday or the relatives for my word count only increasing 2,000 in that 6-day period. I am a social creature on occasion, and always a dog lover. I could lie and say that Ginger and Gabby “ate my muse”, but I won’t. Our mini-vacation with my siblings-in-law, was full of food, fun and laughter. This may be why my muse became constipated. I suspect jealousy.

My brother-in-law(s) set up a computer for me, in the guest house hubby and I were staying in, so I could keep writing my NaNoWriMo novel.  I’m sure this support and encouragement disturbed hubby greatly.  He had already told me that this first NaNoWriMo adventure should be my last. He (claimed) was worried about my health. Not enough sleep. Not eating right. Blah, Blah, Blah.

I imagine there are a lot of NaNoWriMo widowers and widows about now. Take heart! Only 3-days left of cooking your own meals, having the TV remote all to yourself, sleeping alone, etc.  We miss you too of course, but our focus is on writing and this we do alone. At least I do. So please, do not interrupt us with tidbits of trivia you read in the paper, or telling us your plans for home improvements next year.  We understand your wanting conversation. Just save it for meals and break-time, is all we ask.

Day 94: Earplugs

TV noise and chain saws require industrial ear-plugs. I am not kidding – I really wear them. I’d take a picture, but sweats and no make-up is today’s fashion statement, so just imagine me with an orange foam plug in each ear.  Earplugs only work if hubby is making the noise, because he ignores the fact they are plugging my ears and talks to me anyway.

Once my rhythm is broken it is freaking hard to get it back. Distractions abound in the real world. I often fantasize about having a padded, sound-proofed room, with an inside lock, to write in. I even wonder if I should be tested for Adult ADD, or ADHD.

Today is gloomy and rainy – perfect weather to write.  The week’s errands and grocery shopping are done. Leftovers are thawing.  The wood-burning stove is hot and so is the coffee.  So, why am I not spewing forth oodles of words?

Gloomy and rainy is also the perfect weather for a nap. I think I’ll take one, Lord knows my muse is.