Copy Cats and Other Horrors

Those in charge of the entertainment world are really pissing me off (again).
Long time (or long-suffering?) readers know exactly how I feel about remakes. I ranted out that toxic hatred of movie remakes in March of 2014. Only two years later I am ranting again.

This latest debauchery was brought to my attention yesterday…


Q. Guess which well-known and loved character this chick plays in a 2016 remake?

A. Cat Woman?       Nope.

A. Dolly Parton’s character in that whorehouse movie?             Nope.

A. New club owner in True “Blood”?  Nope.

Give up??

Final Answer: Dr. Frank N. Furter

“NO!  NOT THAT!”   Oh yes that, and that’s not the worst part!

“What could be worse than a movie remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show?”  Funny you should ask…

“Remaking the movie into a TV Series – that’s what.”

Are there no men in the actor community these days that have any balls?  Tim Curry had the (very large) balls to not only take on the roll, but become the best Frank N. Furter there could be.

Apparently not. Because they cast a woman.  Do they not realize the difference between a woman in her undergarments and a male transvestite in women’s undergarments?  They must have completely rewritten the story into what must truly be a horror picture show.


Tim Curry in the movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1974)

Now there’s a Hunk o’ Hunk of Burning Love for ya…

 ♥  TTFN  ♥

Total Recall

I’m not talking about the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or it’s remake. I have no clue who is in the remake because I personally boycott films that are modern do-overs of perfectly fine original films. One day I will be ranting about that, but today I am here to rant about something else.

I received an overnight USPS envelope in the mail yesterday. There  TestStripswere two letters in it. One from OmniPod, my insulin pump maker, and the other from Abbott, the company that makes the “FreeStyle” glucose test strips that are for the FreeStyle BG meter, AND for use with the OmniPod insulin pump system.

There is something drastically wrong with the latest batch of test strips and the OmniPod system- they are giving false readings.  Which is incredibly bad when you use your blood glucose levels to figure out how much insulin you need. I haven’t even been on the Pods for a week. Arrrrrrrrgh!

I have to call a toll-free number to get replacement strips (at no charge) sent to me. Apparently there are a massive number of diabetics these days. I waited on hold for 45-minutes yesterday, then needed to eat lunch. I was sick of their crappy on-hold music, so I hung up and decided to try it last night and see if I have better luck.

#$*&#%&@!!  <– that, BTW, means “No.”   Tonight I’ll put my headset on and knit or sew while I’m waiting. Or, I’ll watch the Olympics we have recorded. Even better, I’ll sit in my recliner, in front of the vaporizer, reeking of menthol, and take a nap; leaving it all to be dealt with tomorrow.

RRDanna  This week reminds me of Roseanne Roseanna Danna

– “It’s always something…”

Yep, that about sums it up.